Reverse Psychology.

I know what I want, in some cases. Other times I don't know, simply because I've yet to sit down and let myself honestly decide. But in those moments when I know? I knowww.
So it irks me when someone tries to manipulate me into doing/saying/feeling something that is simply benefitting THEM. Call it reverse psych, manipulation, or's all the same to me. Don't fuckin do it.
For example, a person will ask you for something, and you'll give a definite answer: No. Why? Because you've (hopefully) weighed out the pros and cons of this request, and decided that ultimately, the risks do not outweigh benefits, and your human need for self-preservation tells you "No". ....Now all of a sudden you're mean, you're evil, you're cold, you're heartless, and all these other things that you weren't until you said what this person didn't wanna hear.
In my experience, there are two reactions to being called mean, evil, etc after declining someone's request. 
1) The "Oh, Baby...Don't Go!" One
I see this as someone who aims to please and impress at all times. If they even THINK someone is going to be upset with them in any way, they'll change up that decision they made as fast as lightning. This is the PERFECT patsy when it comes to a master manipulator. 
2) The "Oh, Word?" One
This person can see things for what they really are. They're less likely to fall for the manipulator's bullshit, because of their ability to make and stand by decisions. Either you're gonna roll with it, and conduct yourself accordingly...or you just gonna roll. Simple.
I classify myself as the "Oh, word?" type, if that isn't obvious by now lol. Because what you're NOT about to do is play my emotions like a violin to get what you want. I've been told that I put logic before emotion...and you're damned right. Its my choice, and my defense mechanism against making choices that don't protect my best interests. If I don't protect me, who will? Surely not someone who's foolish enough to try using reverse psychology on a psychology graduate.

Blurred Lines

I don't believe that interracial dating should still be as hot of a topic as it is...

I mean... any relationship that's formed and built on sincere love is already winning. Skin is skin. Race is race. Why do we sit and look at the outer packaging on people's relationships, and have the audacity to dive in head first with assumptions? I'm a firm believer in the fact that love transcends all the superficial boundaries that we try to impose on it. We look at an interracial couple and immediately see two separate pieces... instead of the single unit that they represent. Why?

I will admit, there is one thing I take issue with. That's the men/women who not only decide to date outside their race, but who then commence to tell you how they do it because people within their race {enter generalized insult here}. 

And we've all heard it before. Most notably for me?

Black man: "I date White women because Black women are too bossy/loud/ghetto/nagging/etc."

THAT's that shit I don't like.

I'm all for finding happiness with the person you fall in love with, build a foundation with, and choose to pursue a life with. We owe it to ourselves to do JUST that. But there's no need to put down an entire group of people because of the quality of men/women YOU'VE previously been exposed to. 
I think this issue in itself is completely independent from the issue some people have with interracial dating. We like to mesh them together, but we fail to realize that our previous experiences have no bearing on the next person's relationship. What you've been through isn't always what the next person is going to go through. 


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