"I'll Get to Wherever You Are..."

I went to the movies with Dorkface last month and saw The Best Man Holiday (which I loved, of course) but I was even more in love with the soundtrack!
More specifically, I fell in absolute LOVE with the song "Shelter" by John Legend.

It's such a beautiful song, and it makes me think about the concept of soul mates... I'm still questioning my belief in them. Whether or not they exist. If so, are we only allotted one in a lifetime? 
If you find your soulmate, and then lose them, is it always destined that you'll find your way back to them? 
Is a soulmate always romantic? 
Can a platonic friend be a soulmate?
I have so many questions...
Whatever the answers hold, I do know that this song is something like what I think soulmates signify. Some people are simply drawn together over lifetimes, and there has to be some explanation. Right?

"Look over your shoulder....I'm never too far....I'll get to wherever you are."

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