Opening Pitch.

Happy New Year and shit....
I've never been one for resolutions, but as I get older there are some things that I  would love to start changing about myself. It's pure coincidence that I'm thinking of them today lol.

These are very general things, that I'm recently deciding I want to work on. Gradually, of course. 
1) I want to blog more! I've realized that with microblogging and things like twitter, I stopped actually writing, which is something that has always been so therapeutic for me.
2) I want to speak my mind more.
Better out than in. I've seen first-hand how pent up emotions can manifest into physical pain, stress, etc. Do not want.
3) I want to return to school.
After I earned my Bachelor's, I wanted to take a short break from school, to just...breathe. But I think I've become to complacent, and changes shall be made.

That's it. 

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  1. I hear you. I'm not big on "resolutions" but I've learned to evaluate my space and situation periodically and I've been doing it monthly.
    1) Please blog more! :)
    2) I agree ... sometimes, those of us who are labeled "outspoken" or "too honest" seem to be able to speak our mind just find. If only they knew ..
    3) I'm still afraid to go back to school . . . LOL. But I see this, or something similar, in my future. I've become too complacent and I'm searching for that passion and energy I once had for EVERY THING I do..



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