So...for those who care, and/or have been keeping up.....
I spoke to CB today. And to sum it all heart and head are in a VERY good state right now.
It's the first step (baby steps, I might add), but I honestly didn't realize I needed to hear certain things from him, until I heard them come out of his mouth..... Apologies. Acknowledgment of the errors that were made...I feel like our friendship, as strong as it was even before we began dating, is something that is real, and pure. And even though we didn't work out as a couple, that friendship is something I feel is worth salvaging and repairing. So that's all I'll go into for now, but yeah... The only way I can describe is like being stuck in a ditch, and finally having your car pushed out so that you can get to where you need & want to be. 


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