Catch-up time....
OK, so there's been a shitload of things going on since I last blogged. I've gotten a couple irate texts & FB messages about my lack of posting lately (side-eye)...lol so I guess I'll get off my ass and write something.
Well...actually, I'm sitting on my ass, with my laptop...but you get the picture. 

Work has been going pretty well...I took a much-needed mini vacation a couple weeks ago. Nothing fancy...I just went home to Cleveland. But I hadn't been home, or had any time off from work period, since December when I graduated...so the break was welcomed. I just needed to get away for a hot second. I came back and immediately had some miserable cold/sinus infection hybrid....but now I'm feeling better lol!

Yeah...about that. Lol.
So by now I'm sure you all know the whole breakup story....and that CB and I haven't spoken since, to this day. Well a couple weeks ago, his mom informed me that he passed out, and ended up having to have a brain surgery...like, on his brain and shit....yeah. It kinda threw me for a loop, because his mom has kept in touch with me since the breakup, but we don't really talk about him. Ever. So when she told me this, I'm like "wait, What?" 
He's ok, by the way. Surgery went fine without complications. He's going through physical therapy, to help him walk again...but geez. And of course my mind was all in overdrive...I initially knew something was wrong because I kept seeing FB posts about "pray for him" and all that...but I was hesitant to ask his mom, because...well, I felt like it just wasn't my place, you know? But I was kinda bullied into asking by a few friends and co-workers, who all agreed that yes, if you spent all those years with someone, it's okay to ask about possibly life-threatening events. So I asked...and I was told. It shook me up...but I was just glad that things weren't worse than they could have been. I still haven't spoken to him (and probably won't)...and I'm ok with this. I sent my well-wishes, and I've heard that his girlfriend his been by his side every step of the way. Good for him.

Moving on...there's this guy... -__-
Lol. But it's not really a "thing". Just a thing...you know? But I kinda like him. I might share more later....We'll see where it goes. And even if it doesn't go anywhere far...for right now, it's a thing that makes me happy ;-) and that's much-needed. 

Also, I think I'm getting to that point in life where I'm noticing that EVERYONE around me is all settling down and whatnot. I have 3 best friends... One is married, with a son. One just had a daughter, and has been with her man for over 4 years (they met shortly after CB and I started dating)...and my other best friend is off and on with her guy for over 2 years. They're kinda messy, but they're working on it. And it's crazy, because I've always been on that end of the spectrum. The "coupled up" end....so now I'm just sitting back...getting used to life on the opposite end. I'll be 23 next month...and I feel like I still have this teenage mindset when it comes to dating because...well, I've always been in a relationship. I'm open to starting over, though. That's the thing I was most afraid of at first...but there's nowhere to go but forward. It's summer, though. I've heard that no one wants girlfriends this time of year, anyway lol. So I've got time to get my life together! Haha! Wish me luck! 


  1. YEA.. SO.. you already know that a] i'm giving you the side eye lol & b] i ain't really mad b/c ur my twitter boo lol & c] we are pretty much in the same boat AS ALWAYS! :]

    as far as CB goes - that's crazy. good to hear that there was good news there & it sounds like you're moving along just nicely #becausewedoesthis. progress is always good :]

    there's this guy... [as i hope you knowwww after reading my blog *hint hint* tehehe & that's basically every single girl i know's mantra right now "there's this guy, i don't know where it's gonna go, but it's fun & i'm happy" that's how single life should be.

    starting over is funnnn! just don't be like * OH I WANT A BABY SOON! * then they REALLY won't want you this time of year. haha jk - i know you wouldn't do that!;] but yay to new beginnings!


  2. Lmfaoooo you are so silly!! You're SO my twitter boo! I swear we're like kindred cyber spirits!! Lol.... And yeah, I've surprised myself by how well I'm adjusting to single life....but having a new "friend" definitely helps with that! Even if it's temporary, it's something fun to put my focus on!! Lol... Secret? He's a twitter boo too!! hahaha! :-)

    PS: Aint nobody residing in THIS HERE uterus ANY time soon. Lol.



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