Far Away....

"Tear stains on my pillow, 
Trying to forget YOU,
Don't know what I'm gonna do....
Four days and countin', 
I've been laying here staring myself in the mirror all alone in my room.
I can't feel this way again...
Gotta think with my head,
'Cause my heart is what got me here..."

"I was by your side when we were meant to be; I guess it doesn't matter now that you're so Far Away..."
--Ms. Marsha Ambrosius. 


  1. Hey Chica! It's been a minute! Hope all is well with you!! I gotta catch up on all my peeps!

    --BTW: I love Marsha! :)

  2. Hi!! Well, the posts kinda tell where my head has been lately lol!! But I'm getting better! I'm still a work-in-progress lol! Thanks for checking up! ♥

    & I ADORE Marsha!



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