*Enters Room Quietly...*

Heeyyyy y'all...
I know I've been a horribly bad blogger lately...lol... but you know how life just gets busy, and then procrastination kicks in, and then blogger's block, and then other shit? Yeah.... that happened.... 
But hopefully I can figure out some type of way to fit this into my schedule!! It seems like I had a lot less headaches when I blogged on the regular.... sigh.
Anyway, I'm so excited to catch up on you guys' blogs, and catch you up on what's been going on in my lil' corner of the world! Usually when I don't blog, I at least lurk keep up with your posts, but I feel bad when I read your stuff and don't have anything to write on my own lol so I kinda just avoided the whole thing! SMH.... I know, I know... *hangs head in shame*
So...it's pretty much been the usual stress that comes with being 22.... I graduated on December 18th with my first degree *APPLAUSE*...and I've been working full time at the store...but of course my granny is all "blah blah blah, you need to go find a job with your degree and stop foolin' with that store...wah wah wah" and it's irritating because I'm like damn, can I breathe? For like, a second? I just need a little break. Tiny teensy itty bitty. I mean, I finished in 4 years, despite everything that could go wrong, going wrong...I think I deserve a breather....right?
My significant other....is an athlete. 'nuff said. Next.
I think I've become even more antisocial...if that's even possible. I dont like ANYONE lol!!! Like, 99% of the people around me get on my damn nerves, and the other 1% I can only take in small doses.... smh. 
But anyway...I'm just coolin... trying to live. 
I need some new, dope blogs to follow.... 
And some new twitter buddies.... Drop me some recommendations! 


  1. I have to laugh a bit about you saying how about 99% of people get on your nerves now. One of my friends and I were just talking about how anti-social we were becoming because of the same reason. And sadly it doesn't get better the older we get! LOL! Congrats on your degree!

  2. Thanks so much!
    And yeah, I'm so antisocial... I have 3 REAL friends, and I don't really have time or energy to devote to any extra ppl! Lol.



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