It's been a long time....
*cue music* I shouldn't have left you (left you) without a dope beat to step to....{Timbaland voice}
But anyway, I'd love to tell you guys that I'm back from the little hiatus I took over the past few weeks, and that I'll be blogging on the regular again buuutttttttt I've always felt that a LiaR ain't shit. So...yeah. We'll just take things a day at a time lol. I've really missed you guys, though! I'll have to catch up on reading (and posting) at some point. Out of nowhere, life just got extra busy, and I found myself trying to pencil sleep and hair washes into my schedule...smh. Lol. It's been a crazy couple months. For those who don't know, I've worked at Torrid for 2 years now. Well I was recently promoted to Assistant Manager, which occupies a big chunk of my time. No complaints there... the hours and the pay are alright with me...Not too shabby for my first and only retail job, right? Lol. This is also my last semester of undergrad, so I've been trying to wrap things up on a strong note. So far, so good...in addition to classes, I've been doing my externship at a local elementary school. So yes... busy, busy, busy. All this while remaining fly and fabulous! I've been rockin' my natural to the fullest, and I've cut about 4 inches off since that last pic I posted, a few entries back.... don't worry, you can hardly tell the difference. The 'fro is still in full effect. Lol. Just minus a few pesky ends. 
Enough about me, though.....How've my old faithfuls been? Do any of you have twitters? I'd love to follow, so if you do, leave me an @ name, or follow me. Trust me, you'll hear from me a lot more on there than you will on here lol... But I am gonna try to get back to blogging. Y'all know how it is... Lol. Til next time...


  1. aaawww Congrats on the promotion!! I absolutely LOVE Torrid <3 WOW...Last semester of Undergrad? You Go Girl [In MY Martin Voice] Lol ;-)
    Sounds like you are on a very strong note right now in your life. Enjoy it...embrace it!

    I will be 11 months natural on October 30th. I cannot decide what to do with my hair for that last month before my year anniversary. Ive been so lazy :-( Your hair is soooo beautiful by the way...Well...Glad to see a post from you girlie!

  2. Aww, thank you for all the compliments and encouragement!

    I'm out here trying to do this grown-up thing. It's finally coming together! Lol!
    Congrats on your upcoming nappyversary! I always rock fro's and twist-outs, I'm a sucker for big hair though! Lol ♥

  3. CONGRATULATIONS LOVE! i'm glad to see you back
    i've been M.I.A too but i'm back with a new blog (again) lol!...tweet me@LaLaArdor

    see you soon!



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