Natural Hair isn't for Everyone. ♥

So this morning, as soon as I wake UP, I'm seeing foolishness....
I check my Twitter (you know, just like all the other twitter junkies do upon opening their eyes in the morning) and I see retweets from a woman (WITH natural hair) that originated from some guy. The tweets said something to the effect of "#NaturalHair ain't for everybody...some people don't need to try it".....*blank stare*
Now, my first reaction was I went back and read the tweets again. Now, I'm irritated. This isn't the first time I've seen this on Twitter, or heard people say it, or whatever...but for whatever reason, it grinded my gears today.
Who the fuck are you to say that natural hair isn't ok? I mean, it's natural. It's what we're born with. It was fully intended to grow out of our scalps. Before all the chemicals and BS that people decided to put in their hair in a half-assed attempt to attain some warped sense of perfection...we were all natural. You were natural. Your mama was natural. Her mama was, too! So why is it that when we see a woman with natural hair, people feel the need to criticize? 
Now, I know someone will say I'll let you know that I've already considered the following things:
1) Everyone doesn't picture the same thing when "Natural" hair is mentioned. 
There are many things that might come to mind...some naturals sport a fade, or rock a TWA (teeny-weeny afro). Some wear twists, dreads, or braids. Some wear their hair loose and curly. Then there are those with the dope ass, huge ass, obnoxious ass 'fro. Lol I'm a tad bit biased. But anyway, you catch my drift. I understand that there are people who have preferences, and that these styles may not be included in those preferences.
2) Some naturals are kinda sensitive. 
I'll admit, these comments touched a nerve, but not only because I'm a natural. It's because I'm a woman...who, over the last 22 years, has spent countless hours in front of a mirror trying to make everything as aesthetically pleasing as possible, only to go outside and still feel like I'm being judged and criticized (I mean, I could usually care less about the shit, but you still feel it happening). It's because I'm a Black woman...who's gone through more than half her life getting creamy white shit slapped on her scalp and roots, just to "tame" hair that just wants to run free. If I made a pile of all the hair I've swept/vacuumed up from the floor in my lifetime, due to breakage and whatnot, Do you know how freakishly huge that shit would be??? Let's not even talk about it...and all to achieve straightness. 
My opinion is this: 
This society has conditioned us to feel self-conscious and apprehensive about our natural appearances. We all see varying things when we look at one another. When I see a female walking around with fake hair, fake skin (aka cake-faced makeup), fake eyes, fake lips, fake boobs, fake nails, booty pops, and all this other foolish ass stuff that's made to "enhance one's appearance", I think it's sad. I feel bad for her...and I wonder 1) what she looks like at night when/if she goes home and takes all that shit off, and 2) what has happened to her to make all these enhancements seem necessary in the first place? What side comments has she heard about her nappy hair, or her not-so-perfect skin, or her flat ass, that drove her to feel the need for these things? But when another person sees this same thing, they may very well be thinking "Damn, I'm gonna marry this chick" hey. To each his own.
I just think we're so used to seeing fake shit, that reality scares us. And that's a sad phenomenon. As far as hair goes, "going natural" is the exception to the norm! To some people, it makes you "outside the box". Different. Refreshing, to some. Crazy to others. When did this happen?? We see a woman with a long, gorgeous head of hair, and we think (or some ign'ant ones will actually ASK) what she's mixed with, or where she bought her hair.... We don't realize that the so-called perfection we're trying to achieve is just conformity. Pure conformity. "Natural hair wouldn't look good on me".... How do you know? You haven't seen it since you were 5! "Natural hair is too hard to manage".....I wash and style my hair twice a week, if that. I get up, rub some moisturizer and oil on this baby, pick it out, stick a flower or headband on it, and roll out. There's no hours of flat-ironing, no $90 trips to the shop every two weeks. No ducking and dodging raindrops. 
I'm also not one of those annoying hair advocates who tries to force everyone one I see to join me on this going natural journey...I don't think people with relaxers are stupid (unless its one of those people who constantly complain about damaged hair, yet still are up in the Walgreens line buying that lil box every 6-8 weeks)... I don't believe in good hair vs. bad hair... I believe that regardless of what you have growing out of/glued into/sewn into your hair, you owe it to yourself and your hair to keep it healthy and well-managed. Being natural takes patience, effort, and ol' boy was right. Maybe #NaturalHair isn't for everyone. 


  1. I totally agree with you. I don't understand when people say "natural hair isn't for everyone." That's like saying "Your natural eye color isn't for you." It's MINE. It's what I was born with! It's imprinted on my DNA. How could it not be for me?

    People will say not everyone knows how to keep up their natural hair, thus it's not for everyone. I think that's a cop out. If you can't keep up with natural hair, I'm sure your permed hair looked a mess too.

  2. I just think we're so used to seeing fake shit, that reality scares us.

    Conformity ... girl hit the nail right on the head! I'ma hafta use that one when I get back to school lol cuz I know I'ma get it ... but it's cool. I think my head looks regular now versus extra big when my hair was bone straight lmao.



  3. @Sarah: amen, girl! It's about time people wake up! But hey, if you like seeing your hair on the floor versus on your head then more power to ya! Lol

    @Cy: Lol I feel the same way!! My grandma is the only person so far who objects to my natural hair, and always bugs me about straightening it...I don't even look or feel right with straight hair anymore! It just...hangs there lol.

  4. I share your frustration and completely understand! I feel like, people should STOP criticizing what they do not understand and people should grow their minds up in a way that what people want and do for themselves should be accepted.........ESPECIALLY when it comes to a woman and her hair. I do not understand for the life of me why men and woman feel that growing your natural hair is bad...GRANTED they may not like how it looks BUT...they need to get over it!! I have been natural for about 9 months and I have dealt with the negative and positive comments and ultimately I am glad that I am strong enough to go against the grain and be ME FULLY...Free!

  5. Exactly! I could care less, because at the end of the day I love me some Sasha (the name I gave my hair) !! Lol ♥



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