Day 22--Letter to Someone I Want to Give a Second Chance.♥

Dear Old Friend,
I'd love to talk to you again. 
I'd love to get back to that place...
When we could call one another anytime.
When it was all love.
When you understood, even when no one else did.
I'd love to say that things were cool,
That we were BFFs.
That I loved you like a sister.
That anyone who had a problem with you, had a problem with me.
That I'd snatch a bitch for you.
I wish we were able to break down the wall of animosity that had been constructed.
Just talk.
Like old times.
There's only one problem:
We tried that.
Then you and your psychological construction crew built the wall back up...
And this time,
I'm not volunteering to be on the demolition crew that breaks it down.
Good Riddance.♥

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