Day 19--Letter to Someone Who Pesters My Mind (in a good way).♥

Dear GiGi,
You stay on my mind alllllllll the time! I just love you! More than anyone on this planet... When the sun rises, I'm thinking of you. When it sets, I'm thinking of you...You've come so far, and all I wanna do is see to it that you have all the successes and accomplishments that life has to offer. Sometimes I think it's narcissistic the way I think about you so much... but if I don't love you, who else will? If I don't love you, how will you know how to properly give and receive love from anyone else? Of course there are some things I'd change about you, as we're all works in progress...but for the most part, you're a fabulous inspiration. I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve and expand so that you'll be able to live life the way it was made for you to live! At this point in life, you've learned to weed out all the unworthy and unnecessary, tolerate the ones you have to, and love and cherish all the ones you want. Above all, to you I am true. Even when you're a trainwreck in the morning, or a bitch in the afternoon. I love it all! 
Forever Yours,


  1. So i have sat here and read of ur post for the blog challenge and i loved them so far! I loved them so much that i think i shall borrow the idea and do the same. You had me at my desk wiping tears and cracking a smile!

  2. Aww, thanks!!! You should do it! It's a lot of fun lol, even when I forget to post sometimes and have to catch up...shhhhh lol! ♥



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