Day 18--Letter to the Person I Wish I Could Be.♥

Dear Self,
Everything you're not has made you everything you are. I'm thankful for that.... you're completely attainable, and my evolution towards you has been a Beautiful Struggle thus far...but it will be worth it. Each year that passes gives me a less blurry vision of you...I think we call that growing up lol. I can see what I want out of life, and each decision made, good or bad, helps me see that all the joys and pains of today are preparing me for the day when you and I become one. You're not never will be. But you're old enough to know that such is life, and that you deserve the best. And that the best is worth working for. Success, happiness, beauty (internal and external), faith, love, and friendship have all worked together so far, building me up so that in time, you and I will be identical. You're not only the person I wish I could be, you're the person I will become!
Until Then,

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