Day 17--Letter to Someone from My Childhood.♥

Dear Tay,
I miss you! I was just telling someone the other day about how you and I were thick as thieves when we were growing up on 131st lol! You were like the big brother I never had! As soon as I saw this topic, I immediately knew I was gonna write it to/about you, because all my childhood memories pretty much include you and our family (especially the funny ones lol). Remember when we got in trouble for taking that money, splitting it, and trying to spend it all at the corner store? Lol.... Remember when we used to sit at Grampie's bar, or in Grandma's room in the big chair and watch cartoons, eating cereal? Remember lazy summer days, riding our bikes up and down the street, and sometimes sneaking and riding around the block on Ferris, even though we weren't supposed to? Remember you teaching me how to ride without training wheels??? Lol. Random stuff, but it's always ingrained in my memory because life was so simple and easy and free (literally and figuratively lol) back then! You guys' house was like my second home lol! I was so sad when you moved! Even though it's more recent, I also remember the talk you and I had right after my mom's funeral. You'll never know how much I needed that....but then again, you're the only one who actually did know. I've missed Aunt Gina so much since she's been gone...and although I wish she and my mom could still be here with us today, I was grateful to have you to talk to. Sympathy is appreciated, but you actually knew/know the pain I feel inside! You were always my favorite cousin, and even though we're all grown now and life's taken charge of the daily routines and responsibilities we all have, I know that if I needed you and I made that phone call, you'd be there! Love you, and Diana, and my FatMan for life! 
Love Always, 
Your Favorite Cousin Ever in the History of Life lol x0x0 

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