Pacing & Embracing ♥

Hey guys!! 
I've missed you! I've been soooooo neglectful to my blog as of late...but school is out for the summer (smh) so hopefully I'll be back on track lol! Other than busting my toosh to get this degree (4 months til graduation!!), I've been busting my toosh at work, living life, breakin' hearts, etc. etc. Lol. My birthday was a week ago, and for once, I actually "feel" my new age. 22 is definitely not as carefree as 21 and 20 were, but I've made it this far...why think about giving up now? With a new year under my belt, comes new experiences to look forward too, new success stories to write, new places to go, new people to meet, and new things to do. I'm pacing myself and embracing it all as it comes... So I just finished up my last two finals, and I'm looking forward to a fun weekend. It's like birthday celebration part two for me {in my current town, since last weekend I went to my hometown for my actual birthday!} and icing on the cake? My love is coming up to spend a week or so with me. He just finished up summer school too, in Iowa, so I'm grateful to be getting some QT with my cu-tie before we start back up for the Fall semester in our respective locations. The visit is especially good, because it took my mind off the fact that I missed Raheem DeVaughn's concert in my hometown today! *siggghhhhhh* I wrote a tweet about how I wasn't going, but that I'd be there in spirit since I love me some Rah...and guess what? Raheem DeVaughn retweeted me!!! I know I sound like Dorky McGroupie right now, but I promise I was soooooo excited when I saw it lol. Don't judge me. I just adore that guy! 
That's pretty much it for now... I, the eternal insomniac, am up at 1am cleaning my bathroom and kitchen...I wanna vacuum my apartment but I'm trying to be considerate of the potheads downstairs my downstairs neighbors! TTYL, my loves! 


  1. happy belated! Maybe I'm a sucky reader but i don't remember reading if you said what you did to celebrate... whatchu do? Seeing as how I no longer have a life, I love to hear about other peoples. lol

    and how in the eff do I add you on the facebook? <------ and yes I realized I called it "the" facebook like i'm an old person. I'm just too lazy to delete it. lol

  2. Lol girlll I'm so extra late! Lol I went club-bar hopping for my birthday lol! Just hung out with family and my best friends back was a great weekend! That's the extent of me having a life lmao. You know I'm a homebody!

    I had all types of privacy things set on my FB lol, but I changed it so I think you can search for me by name on there now. I finally figured out that I can just leave people I don't like in my pending friend requests, instead of ignoring them and getting mad when they try to add me again lmao.



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