Day 9--Letter to Someone I Wish I Could Meet. ♥

Disclaimer: If you've ever read my blog, you should already KNOW who this letter is gonna be addressed to! Lol! 
To the Musical Love of My Life,
Once again, every word in this letter's gonna be about You...I love you!! Of course I've already written one letter to you in this blog challenge, and I don't know if it's against the "rules" to write to the same person twice or more, but oh well... There's no one else alive that I'd rather meet! Yes, I know there's Barack Obama and such, but I'll keep it real... I'd still rather meet you! I'd be Lying to Myself if I said anything different! Lol. I wish people could understand how much I adore you! Not even on an attraction level (don't get me wrong, you're mad cute!!) but just musically... No one has my attention the way you do! I could tell you how I feel about you Night and Day! They don't feel me, though! Lol.
I was so sad that I couldn't go to your concert earlier this month, but one day... one day! Until then, I'll stick to the musical orgasm I have every day of my life (no, literally) when I hear your voice in my headphones, on my laptop, or in my car. Words can't express how amazing I think you are, in the least groupie-ish way possible! Lol. If I met you and you sang to me, I'd probably faint and fall on my ass like Ashley in that one episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Tevin Campbell came to her party lmao! That would seriously be thee best thing ever, though! Anywho, I'm so happy you're getting all the success you deserve, and I hope it continues! I'll profess my love for you 'til the end of my days! Yes, it's really that serious! Lmao!
Love Always, 
Your Number One (again) ♥
PS: For your listening enjoyment... I can't let an hour go by without listening to this song! If you aren't hip, you better get hip with thee quickness!


  1. LOL I saw this one coming. I was just wondering though... do you braid hair? Or cut hair? ... cuz ya boy usually needs it. lmao. So if you were to meet him, you could totally offer up your services #imjustsayin ... LOL

  2. Lol he's like bald now!! Id grease his scalp, though lol



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