Day 7--Letter to My Ex ♥

Dear Ex,
Whew... where do I start lol? No, but really I don't have too many negative things to say. Obviously things didn't work out between us as a couple, but we were both in two different places back then. We talked about this recently, I believe, and it was long overdue... Back then, I would have liked to have really gotten to know you, but I think we never really put as much time and energy into us as we could have. No regrets, though. Everything happens for a reason. I think I've told you this before, but I wish you and I had actually met and became friends first, instead of jumping into the relationship. I'm positive that we probably wouldn't have ended up together if we'd been friends first lol, but I'm not saying that as an insult. I just think that we would have been great friends all along, instead of briefly dating, breaking up, falling out of touch, randomly reuniting, and then discovering how great of friends we could be. I know there are people who can't appreciate the fact that you and I remained friends, but I do value your friendship (Even sometimes you make me wanna pull my hair out!!!) lol. 
I have nothing but love for you and I wish you the best. That kinda sounds like a farewell statement, lol, but I really do. I hope one day you find the woman you're looking for, but I wish you'd STOP thinking you'll find her at clubs and bars!! We've seen how that always works out! Lol. One day love will find you, and you'll make some woman a great hubby. Some brown-skinned thick chick who loves Jay-Z (lol) and I'm sure you'll mean the world to her. Other than that, I hope you'll continue to do you, and let everything else fall into place. Keep the BS at arms length, and keep working to make your mark on the world, and raise your little one to do the same! You deserve the best, so don't settle for anything less. These chicks are gonna have you going gray in like 5 years if you keep stressing over them!
Love Always,
KB ♥

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