Day 6--Letter to a Stranger.♥

Dear Random Chick at the Mall,
You make me want to vomit... I understand that times are hard, and that you may not be able to afford things such as soap, body wash, feminine wash, body spray, deodorant, etc... but could you do us all a favor and keep your broke self at home? We do not wish to wallow in the scent of...whatever you call that odor reeking from your pores. It's not cute. It's not fly. It's not fresh {literally}...It's all bad. If you can enter my store at 2pm, leave at 2:15pm, and still have your B.O. lingering at 6pm, it's a problem. One would think that you'd have stopped by the many locations {ie, RiteAid, dollar stores, Walgreens, Kroger, etc} you inevitably have to pass traveling to the mall, in order to purchase the goods necessary to make yourself smell more like freshness and less like decomposition...but alas, the mall seemed to be more important. FYI, there's an aisle dedicated to you and your stench in basically every store everywhere. Hopefully you'll one day be inclined to pay said aisles a visit.
Thank You,
The Girl whose Nose and Stomach were Assaulted By Your Odor Last Week.♥

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