Day 4--Letter to My Sibling.♥

Dear Kiddo,
Sometimes you make me wanna get a ladder, climb up, and wring your little teenage neck!!
But you're my only sibling, and I love ya lol. It's so weird watching you grow up into a teenager, because I remember when you were so small...this tiny little wiggly thing that came into the picture and took all the focus off me! Lol. Our family isn't I'll just say that whatever happens, I'm your sister (the original one, them other ones don't count! lol) and I'll always be...with your spoiled self. I guess that's why it's hard to say no to you, even when I know you've been acting up. We're all we got...Sometimes you get on my last nerve(!!!), but I'll knock a ***** out if they mess with you! It's just that simple...I want the whole world for you, and I know Mommy passing away was/is difficult for you, especially at this point in and her were so close. But I hope that you realize your success in this lifetime is something you can still share with her...we're her only two children. Our success is her success, too. Overcome the things that you think are holding you back...prove the people wrong, who've said that you wouldn't amount to anything...It sounds cliche, but I really feel like you're destined to do something big in this world, so I hope the motivation and ambition are there for you...
Sonjit (insider lol) ♥
PS: No more tattoos!!!


  1. Nice post! I can tell you love him a lot.

  2. Thank you, Alee! And yes, I adore my baby brother!! ♥♥



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