Day 14--Letter to Someone I've Drifted Away From. ♥

*Drifting on a memoryyyy.....ain't no place I'd rather be, than with youuuuuu....*
Haha, but not really though.

Dear Creepo,
We've drifted apart... and with good reason. You're slightly on the stalker-ish side. And it's not cute... So I purposely severed ties from you...well, not severed them (believe me, you could be totally and completely cut off if you push me..) but I've learned to ignore your continuous (and usually pointless) calls, texts, IMs, emails, FB messages, tweets, etc. Actually, the fact that you've attempted to contact me via ALL these further proof that you're borderline obsessed with me... so *Kanye shrug* ya had to go! For future reference... you come on a tad bit strong. Especially when the person you're coming on to wants nothing to do with you, aside from the occasional small-talk-filled obligatory birthday and holiday text. 

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