Day 12--Letter to the Person I Hate the Most. ♥

Dear Mr. Lynch,
Nearly 300 years ago, before the people who gave birth to the people who gave birth to the people who gave birth to me were even thought of, you hurt me to my core. An everlasting hurt that has stood the test of time... it's ingrained in the foundation of a people who could be so much more, if only someone would snap their fingers and bring us out of our hypnosis. All those years ago, you felt it was your God-given right to encourage the use of "fear, distrust, and envy" to control the minds of MY people. My ancestors. MY family. For so many years, and even until this very day... this very second, there are remnants of your disgusting methods flowing through the blood of MY brothers and sisters... There are children who've been raised and conditioned to hate the shade of their skin, the texture of their hair, the beautiful features they've inherited... all because you and your brethren wanted Control. Nearly 300 years later... you've still got some of our minds under your control, even after you've gone on to rot in the pits down under, where you rightfully belong. You got your wish, Mastah Willie Lynch. Even to this day, there are those of us who "love, trust, and respect ONLY you"... The beauty of the bond that was forced onto those vessels from the motherland, beaten to a pulp so that you could have Control. So yes, there's no one I hate more than you... because your philosophy inspired an entire people to hate themselves. I hate you every time I see a child with chemically-altered hair, all because she "hates when it's nappy". I hate you every time I hear someone referred to as "cute for a dark-skinned boy/girl". I hate you every time I see another news story about my people killing one another... killing themselves. Hopefully my people will realize their greatness, and someone will snap their fingers.
A Mad Black Woman. ♥

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