Catch-Up for the Weekend.♥

OK, now that I've come out of my lazy slump and caught up on my Blog Challenge lol... I can recap. 
Side note: Whether or not I blog, I'm constantly tweeting lol, so if you're ever missing me too much, that's where to find me hahaha! Anyways...
First and foremost, I have been sick. All week. Like WTF, who gets sick the first week of school...SMH. Clearly I don't have time for this foolishness!
Speaking of case y'all are unaware (smh, I wanted to type "y'all ain't know", but I went back and changed it because of this compulsion thing I have for grammar lol), last week kicked off my final semester of undergrad... I feel like I've mentioned that already in a recent post, but oh well. 1) this is my ish, and 2) that's noteworthy. It's kind of a big deal... Nothing but the grace of God and all his homeboys pushed me through these last four years. 
Speaking of the grace of God... have you guys seen Takers yet? If really should jump off a cliff invest in making that trip to the local theater.... this one is definitely worth it. Give your bootleg-DVD-man-at-the-gas-station-down-the-street a night off. The movie actually had a pretty nice plot... and this is coming from someone who knew absolutely nothing about the plot until seeing the movie...I've seen the promo commercials on TV, of course, but that minute is usually spent drooling over Idris Elba and all his chocolaty fineassness...soooo yeah. Go see that. Great cast with the exception of Chris Brown's whack, lisping, halfway audible, super overbite having ass. 

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