to the people who feed off drama. So much so, that if there is no real drama going on...they'll actually go so far as to make some/seek some out. Really? It'll never in life be that serious. 

to the white people who walk their kids in the mall...on leashes. RETRACTABLE leashes. Pink retractable leashes... I was flabbergasted when I saw that ish...little girl goes runnin. Leash freezes. Little girl falls FLAT on her pull-up padded ass. SMH.

to the people who are STILL FBing and talking about the BET awards. Yours truly did not watch them, and has no intention of doing so. Over it!

to B.ossip...try as I do, I just can't seem to stay away....

to Summertime Funk. And no, this isn't some new genre of music...I'm referring to those {particularly femmes} who don't realize that going without showers/baths, and the appropriate subsequent toiletries {deodorant, spray, perfume, etc} isn't EVER cool...but when it's 80+ degrees each day...the sh.t is just TOTALLY unacceptable. Fix it.

to the dude who approached me at the mall as I was shopping the other day. Reeking of liquor. At 6-ish in the evening. First of all, why are you wasted this early? Second, why are you wasting said wastedness on a trip to the mall lol? The guy had the nerve to be cute, too {not that it'd matter to me} but his err... condition...eliminated ALL possible cool points. SMH.

to the homeless man who's ass I wanted to kick the other day. Because of his pitiful little face, the sapp in front of me at a stoplight decided {at the last second} that she just HAD to get out of the car and put some money into the damn cup. Almost making me miss my light. 

to The-Dream...for sounding eXACTLY the same in every single song, remix, feature, etc.

to Adam Rodriguez...just because I was watching CSI:Miami earlier, and thought his gorgeousness was worth mentioning. 


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