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It baffles me when people talk about love as if it's this mythical thing that only an elite few ever achieve.
I mean, granted real love seems underrepresented in the media, and God forbid we, in 2010, believe in anything that the media doesn't show...smh...but I digress. As I was saying, real love seems underrepresented, but it exists. There are couples out there who have been married longer than some of us can even expect to live! I think some of us go into relationships with the misconception that love is unattainable...and this makes many people close their hearts to the possibility. Love is an emotion; it's something that connects your feelings with another's not a ring, or a shared bank account, or random gifts. Don't get me wrong, those are cool...but when you strip away all the tangible things, if the emotional aspect isn't there then you don't have love. Infatuation. Lust. Gratitude, maybe...but not love. Going into a relationship expecting those tangible things is, in my opinion, a major way to ensure that the emotions won't develop. We're so used to the idea of a person showing their love by buying us, that we don't realize when "things" are filling the space that feelings should fill. When the relationships don't work out, we chalk it up to another fail, all the while not even realizing that we never tried in the first place. We simply settle for the easy road. Anyone can buy you things, all they need is the willingness and the means. Not everyone can be there for you, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. That's what real love is to me. Plain and simple...yet complicated. But worth the effort, nonetheless. In the end, these things make me a lot happier than gifts, trinkets, and anything else tangible a person may give you.... {but, as I said before...they're cool lol, as long as their accompanied by emotion}.


  1. I feel like a lot of people get so distracted by the luxuries love gives, without understanding what love really is. You're right, love isn't just tangible things like money that helps pay the rent or just comfort, it's a feeling. Some people are probably just too afraid to let themselves go.

  2. I completely agree with you!
    I think people get so caught up with material things, they use them as criteria for whether or not they've found "love"...meanwhile they could be passing up or overlooking real love from someone else. It's quite sad, actually.

  3. People not only get caught up in the material things, but also the perceptions of how love 'looks' (extremely unrealistic grand gestures of emotions, perfectly worded proposals and statements of 'I love you', etc courtesy of our 'reality' dating shows, chic flicks, and tv dramas). So many people these days don't have real life examples of what true love is, so they only have what the media depicts as love to go by. How unfortunate.



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