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Sooo I'm on a random grocery store run for some cookies (mother nature likes to give me chocolate cravings along with my monthly gift....that b*tch...) and as I'm on my way to the self checkout, some hoodrat skeez random chick approaches me. The following conversation took place:

Chick: Oooooh, is that yo real hair?
Me: Yes lol...
Chick: OMG how you get it to be curly like dat?? I bet when you get a perm it's gone be lonnnngggg!
Me: I don't use relaxers (White people use perms. Educate yourself) 
Chick: I'm sayin' tho', when you finally get one it's gone be sooo long!
Me: I have natural hair. I don't use relaxers. I'll never get one...
Chick: Oh.. (confused face) but why?
Me: It's just not my 'thing' lol... *attempting to walk away*
Chick: So you just gone walk around with it nappy? That's stupid. LOL
Me: *Turns around* First of all (that's how u know I'm annoyed) all I do is wash, condition, and roll my hair. Every time you get a "perm", you're slapping all types of sodium hydroxide and other ish people use to clean drains and whatnot. I think that would make you the stupid one. Second, obviously my "nappy" hair can hold her own, it got your attention...Now, was there anything else you wanted to talk about? *with my Wish-a-bitch-would Face*

This is not the first conversation I've had like this, but all I'm gonna say is: If your grown ass doesn't have the sense God gave a goose, please don't approach me with this BS. My tolerance is maddd low. Thanks.

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  1. wooooooowww!
    i woulda gone to jail after that



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