Kids...Stay in School. PLEASE! ♥

Sooo I'm on a random grocery store run for some cookies (mother nature likes to give me chocolate cravings along with my monthly gift....that b*tch...) and as I'm on my way to the self checkout, some hoodrat skeez random chick approaches me. The following conversation took place:

Chick: Oooooh, is that yo real hair?
Me: Yes lol...
Chick: OMG how you get it to be curly like dat?? I bet when you get a perm it's gone be lonnnngggg!
Me: I don't use relaxers (White people use perms. Educate yourself) 
Chick: I'm sayin' tho', when you finally get one it's gone be sooo long!
Me: I have natural hair. I don't use relaxers. I'll never get one...
Chick: Oh.. (confused face) but why?
Me: It's just not my 'thing' lol... *attempting to walk away*
Chick: So you just gone walk around with it nappy? That's stupid. LOL
Me: *Turns around* First of all (that's how u know I'm annoyed) all I do is wash, condition, and roll my hair. Every time you get a "perm", you're slapping all types of sodium hydroxide and other ish people use to clean drains and whatnot. I think that would make you the stupid one. Second, obviously my "nappy" hair can hold her own, it got your attention...Now, was there anything else you wanted to talk about? *with my Wish-a-bitch-would Face*

This is not the first conversation I've had like this, but all I'm gonna say is: If your grown ass doesn't have the sense God gave a goose, please don't approach me with this BS. My tolerance is maddd low. Thanks.

Oh, the Cliche...♥

So after a year or so of rebellion, I resurrected my Twitter... 
Follow me @LoVePeaceCurLs.
I can't upload my pic right now because they're spazzing...but you guys know how cute I am already

Love & Happiness ♥

It baffles me when people talk about love as if it's this mythical thing that only an elite few ever achieve.
I mean, granted real love seems underrepresented in the media, and God forbid we, in 2010, believe in anything that the media doesn't show...smh...but I digress. As I was saying, real love seems underrepresented, but it exists. There are couples out there who have been married longer than some of us can even expect to live! I think some of us go into relationships with the misconception that love is unattainable...and this makes many people close their hearts to the possibility. Love is an emotion; it's something that connects your feelings with another's not a ring, or a shared bank account, or random gifts. Don't get me wrong, those are cool...but when you strip away all the tangible things, if the emotional aspect isn't there then you don't have love. Infatuation. Lust. Gratitude, maybe...but not love. Going into a relationship expecting those tangible things is, in my opinion, a major way to ensure that the emotions won't develop. We're so used to the idea of a person showing their love by buying us, that we don't realize when "things" are filling the space that feelings should fill. When the relationships don't work out, we chalk it up to another fail, all the while not even realizing that we never tried in the first place. We simply settle for the easy road. Anyone can buy you things, all they need is the willingness and the means. Not everyone can be there for you, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. That's what real love is to me. Plain and simple...yet complicated. But worth the effort, nonetheless. In the end, these things make me a lot happier than gifts, trinkets, and anything else tangible a person may give you.... {but, as I said before...they're cool lol, as long as their accompanied by emotion}.

The Infamous "N-word" ♥

OK so this is an exchange I had about a week or so ago, with a person I don’t know on FB. A friend of mine posted this status {Note: Everything is going to be word-for-word}: 
“If a black person who hangs with white one of their white friends the "permission" to say NIGGA...And then the white friend says it...feeling its ok..cuz they have permission...and THEN SAY IT TO YOU..and say " and so gave me permission"...WHAT WILL BE UR RESPONSE..and what do u think of all dat?”
The subsequent comments started with about 5+ people…but ended up becoming a two-way between me and some {insert nicer word for ass wipe}. So I’ll just give you the exchange between the two of us. I‘ll refer to him as AW {my shorthand for ass wipe}. Feel free to comment on my opinion, his opinion, the exchange itself, insert your opinion, etc:

Me: I don't really care who says it, seeing as how the vast majority of us use it on the regular. its a word...just like any other. And as with other words, my position is this: if I don't say it to you, don't say it to me.

AW: @sonji that was a passive way to look at this word. We say it to one another cuz the world branded it to our being! We twisted it and made it ours! Not saying that is right to use it, but never invite the faces who gave us that to use it when talking to us! Ever! So it is not just a word! That word is our existence here!

AW: Understand fully you speak is all I am saying. When you have to get permission then you should not do it.

Me: If you choose to minimize your existence to a word, that's your choice. I choose not to. I don't feel I'm being passive, but I will admit to being desensitized to the word. Should I live my life being bothered about who's saying a word, and when they're saying it? I've been around enough white people as well as people of other races to know that most of them say it within their own circles, regardless of permission. I don't need to be patronized by being asked for permission. As I stated before, if I'm not saying the word to others, which I very rarely do, then I expect it not to be said to me. And if/when a person of another race decides to say it to me, I'll let them know the same thing.

AW: sonji that is why people of other races feel like they can say it ...cuz people like you choose to hide from shit until it come to you directly...if martin, malcolm, and others thought like that then we would be called worst by them..wake up and stop the passive shit! seem real smart!

Me: Right, because referring to everyone around us as nigga this, nigga that doesn't play a role in them saying it.?! When you hear one another saying the word, its all cool but someone else says it and you're ready to go off. If the word is so disrespectful, you should be going off whenEVER you hear it, even if its from your fellow "niggas". Do you? Call me passive all you want, but if you ask me, that bullshit "we took it and made it ours so we can say it til the cows come home" is a cop out anyway.

AW: sonji you are missing the are so missing the need a class on the have things may even think because we have a black president that rasicm is over? WRONG!..SPIKE LEE SAID IT BEST WAKE UP!!!!!

Me: Honey I'm not missing anything. I've heard your "point" a million times before, and I've spoken my opinion on the matter a million times before. I've heard this "point" from others who'd fight and argue to the last breath about the word, then catch their breath, walk off, and use the word as if their vocabularies don't know alternatives. I don't pity the hypocrite who does this, and is foolish enough to not expect the same behavior from others. That's my stance, and I respectfully decline replacing it with yours.

AW: @SONJI you are just is just a point that you need to take a stand on the matter...i do not walk around mad and argue but i know where i stand period they do not even talk like that around me as to where they will say it around your passive self..

Me: Its never been said to "my passive self", and I attribute that to the fact that I'm not the ignorant one going around saying it myself. I respect myself enough not to say the word, and so far its worked out for me. If taking your so called stand works for you, I'm not knocking it. I'm simply stating my experience, my opinion, and that doesn't make me any less "Black" or any less educated.

AW: nah you just passive and maybe hang out with white you.....

Me: I always do me. I'll def continue to do so. Have a good night.

AW: i believe you passive woman good night..

just thought I'd share...for entertainment purposes. SMH. 

Oh Yeah...♥

I'll be 22 in 29 days... suggestions for birthday celebration? I don't even have any idea what I want to do. I'm pretty boring. Lol. Well, I'd prefer the term mellow...but whatev. Anyway, what I DO know is that the love of my musical life {who you should know by now} will be in Cleveland {my hometown} on August 5th. Granted he'll be a few days shy of my birthday, but I'll take it! I've never seen him in concert before {SMH} but I will be in attendance. Please believe it. 
Random side note: Have you ever listened to the live version of Jill Scott's "Gettin in the Way" from her Experience album? The commentary at the end of the song is hilarious.... lol. 


to the people who feed off drama. So much so, that if there is no real drama going on...they'll actually go so far as to make some/seek some out. Really? It'll never in life be that serious. 

to the white people who walk their kids in the mall...on leashes. RETRACTABLE leashes. Pink retractable leashes... I was flabbergasted when I saw that ish...little girl goes runnin. Leash freezes. Little girl falls FLAT on her pull-up padded ass. SMH.

to the people who are STILL FBing and talking about the BET awards. Yours truly did not watch them, and has no intention of doing so. Over it!

to B.ossip...try as I do, I just can't seem to stay away....

to Summertime Funk. And no, this isn't some new genre of music...I'm referring to those {particularly femmes} who don't realize that going without showers/baths, and the appropriate subsequent toiletries {deodorant, spray, perfume, etc} isn't EVER cool...but when it's 80+ degrees each day...the sh.t is just TOTALLY unacceptable. Fix it.

to the dude who approached me at the mall as I was shopping the other day. Reeking of liquor. At 6-ish in the evening. First of all, why are you wasted this early? Second, why are you wasting said wastedness on a trip to the mall lol? The guy had the nerve to be cute, too {not that it'd matter to me} but his err... condition...eliminated ALL possible cool points. SMH.

to the homeless man who's ass I wanted to kick the other day. Because of his pitiful little face, the sapp in front of me at a stoplight decided {at the last second} that she just HAD to get out of the car and put some money into the damn cup. Almost making me miss my light. 

to The-Dream...for sounding eXACTLY the same in every single song, remix, feature, etc.

to Adam Rodriguez...just because I was watching CSI:Miami earlier, and thought his gorgeousness was worth mentioning. 



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