I'm guessing a lot of you have thought of these things before, but there are certain questions that run through my mind every now and then, when it comes to blogging....
Why do people blog?
I mean, is it just something to pass the time during a 9-to-5? 
Where do you blog? At home, at work? Starbucks? In class while your professor is lecturing?
Do you write what is important/interesting to you, or do you write things you thing will be important/interesting to readers? 
Do you tell people in your everyday life about your blog, or are your readers and/or followers people you've met in cyberspace?
Do you read and reply to comments people leave on your posts?
Do you comment on others' posts? 
Do you keep up with all the blogs you follow?
Do you follow blogs that pique your interest, or do you just follow blogs of those who follow your blog?
Is your blog really reflective of you, or is it some alternate reality for you to express things that people in your everyday life wouldn't understand?
Are you a lurker (read a bunch of blogs, but don't follow/follow anonymously or don't comment/comment anonymously)?

Yeah... I got a little carried away...but I always wonder these things...I don't follow many blogs, but the ones I follow are the ones that actually have interesting posts, and make me want to come back and view again. I used to follow any random blog, then I'd find myself getting to the point where I'd scroll through the list of new posts and skip past things...and why follow a blog if you're just adding it to a list of things you don't even read? I've had people stop following my blog because I didn't follow theirs...and that's fine with me. I mean, this blog is something I started because I'm a pretty random yet sometimes analytical person...and people around you don't really want to hear all that hoopla everyday. So this is a place where I can lay everything out exactly the way I want it, and write as much as I want, as often as I want...and anyone who takes time out of his/her day to sit and read it is welcome with open cyber arms... I think it's great to get a glimpse into the lives of people who live across the country, or across the world...or whatever. See how people in different environments live. You know...all that good stuff. Lol. 


  1. I completely understand where you are coming from. Personally, I'm thinking about deleting my blog. It's just something that I tried out for a while and I'm not satisfied with the process. I hope this doesn't discourage anyone but that's just how I feel at the moment.

  2. I like this! I do wonder these things myself. I'm going to answer these questions & turn it into a post ... eventually lol.

  3. Hmm. Well. I started reading blogs when I was heartbroken, lonely, hungry and homesick while living in Spain. They were like my saviors. When I got back I started my own because I needed somewhere to write about the heartbreak that was consuming my life (depression sucks lol).... for a while I was really into posting and reading other's blogs and i ALWAYS commented. Now though it's different.

    Now, I'm not so heartbroken. Now, I have things to do - I'm busy. I have a job. A degree. Hobbies. I date (lord hammercy that takes time too lol).. so I'm not on blogger as much as I used to be -- hell, life goes on. But sometimes I miss it like CRAZY because I love interacting with bloggers (especially ones like you) and seriously take the input i get to heart.

    I remember a post last year that I wrote while crying my eyes out about the ex and i was surprised at how many strangers reachedout to me - either through email or as a comment. And that's why I love blogging. Even though I'm not so consistent anymore I still love the family-feel I get from it.

    LAwd that was a lot.

    OH, and your NEW name change, FTW!!! (peace love curls lol)

  4. @Cristine: Lol! I'll be sure to read your answers if you do!

    @Selah: I've been the same way lately! Like I love to read blogs, but I've been busier lately so I don't really comment as many as I used too. So of course less people comment on mine lol, but that's ok! I still have my old faithfuls! Lol. And I like the interaction, too... I like hearing real input from people, who actually took time to read about whatever I'm blabbing about at the moment lol!

    PS: THanks! I think I finally settled on a name I love hahaha!



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