it goes a mighty long way...
Working at the mall, I see a LOT of foolishness...but this past week a woman came into my store, and I swear to you she was sporting a full face of hair. The sideburns connected to the beard. The beard connected to the goatee. All that. Not faint little hairs, either...I'm talking full grown hair. I was in disbelief...I had to call on Jesus and all the disciples to keep my mouth from dropping as I greeted the woman when she entered my store. BTW, she also had on a too little shirt from Wally world, complete with the belly hanging out over the pants...but that was the least of her worries, as far as I'm concerned. 
What shocked me even more than all this....
A few seconds later her husband came in and put his arms around her and started talking to her. Her husband! He didn't look to hot himself...but geez. Both beards combined just seems like a whole lotta itchy fuzziness in one bed...I can't even imagine.
So this made me think...How many guys really care about hair? Facial hair...body hair...I just can't imagine being...okay with this. I can see not feeling like shaving your pits one morning...or even your legs, during the winter or something...but I've never seen a woman with facial hair so visible... She apparently isn't too worried about it, though, and neither is her man. It was all just pretty weird to me lol...

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