I Know, I Know...♥

I've been neglecting my blog...and for that, I am sorry! I have good reason, though...lol.
Promotion at work... This manager thing is pretty okay so far. Turnover for managers in my store is crazy, though...quitters. I'm nobody's quitter, though, so I think I'll be fine...the extra hours will motivate me. Lol.
Also, I've been borderline obsessed with my hair lately, and I've been spending my cyber life on curlynikki.com... I've been sans-relaxer for a year and a month now, and you'd think I'd be hip to all these natural hair blogs and websites already but...nope! So it's kind of like delayed infatuation... I'm just loving my hair. I mean, I always love it...but now I'm seeing what it's potential is gonna be, and all that corny stuff. It's fun.
I'm apartment hunting... this was okay for my first place, but it was a very last minute decision {read: I came up in July that year, to find an apt I needed to move into in August} so now I'm more clear about what I want and don't want in an apartment... I mean, if they're gonna take all my lil' funds, I need to be getting my money's worth. Right now, I'm not!
It's three weeks into the semester and I STILL don't have any financial aid. Life was much easier when I had my full scholarship...however, it was only good for 4 consecutive years, meaning it ended last semester...and now I see why everyone else complains so much about the office...I'm not used to having to worry about this mess.
Hmm...I think that's all for now. I need to clean, it's been a busy week but I hate my apt looking a mess. Even though no one's here but me and my cat...

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