Stress... ♥

Yesterday kicked off the first day of my second-to-last semester of Undergrad. I've never had so much trouble with starting school in my life.
I've been dealing with crap for the past month with these Financial Aid people, and it's getting REALLY irritating. Not to mention, stressful. See, I'm a student at this school because of my high school academics. I was able to earn a full 4-year tuition scholarship, for which I am eternally grateful... especially now. I've never had to worry about my school fees being paid...hell, the most I've ever had to fret over was when my refund from my other grants would be posted. Now? Whole 'nother story. Semester is here, in full effect, and my financial aid hasn't even been processed yet. WTF? Then I call the office, as I've been doing every single day, and everyday I get the same scripted response. Even more aggravating? I'm being told to "give it a little more time"....say what?
Dear Sir/Madam:
I understand and appreciate that you've already earned your degree, and that your kids are probably getting a mad discount on schooling if they attend this university, thereby relieving you from having a care in the world. I, however, am a lovely young Black lady from the hood...who refuses to go back there, especially without a Bachelor's in-hand. THEREFORE, it would behoove you to play with your little buttons on your little computer, and process my shit! Please and thank you!

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