Stanky Face... ♥

Earlier today, I was walking through the mall with my bestie and I was getting SO frustrated! First off, I don't know what it is about Black girls (and yes, I'm directing it towards our people, because they're the people I catch doing it EVERYday, EVERYwhere) but for some reason many feel the need to look every other Black girl in the vicinity up and down. Why? And I know you all know the look I'm talking about...that stank, "she-think-she-all-that" look that about 99.7% of the Black female population likes to give off. I just hate it. It makes me want to punch chicks in the face. Depending on my mood, my reaction to the Stanky Face may be to 1) return it, or 2) smile and keep it moving, or 3) glance indifferently at the person because I'm too cool for that BS. Lol. 
Second, what is it about moms and pregnant people that is just sooooo fascinating to random White people strangers? I can't even count the number of times when I've been out with my bestie and her son, and had weirdos trying to peep into the stroller/baby carrier, or wanting to touch his hair, or some other randomness. I get the whole "goo-goo ga-ga, he's so cute" thing, but WE DON'T KNOWWWW YOUUUUU! Lol. Gosh!
Another thing... I hate it when people wear leggings as pants. Why? Just don't do it...Apparently about 47% of the legging-wearing population didn't get the memo that the rule of thumb is, if it covers your ENTIRE {not half, or 3/4} butt, it's ok to wear with leggings. This applies to shirts, tunics, dresses, whatever... But if I can walk 4 feet behind you and see 1) the color, size tag, and design of your panties, 2) the fact that you're not wearing any panties, or 3) every dimple/bullethole/stretch mark/pimple, etc on your toosh...mayyyyybe you should do us all a favor and put on some damn pants! It's nasty! 


  1. lol @ bullet hole.....yea they need to provide instructions with the purchase of every pair of leggings...smh they are wild out here in NY with those things

  2. Haha! I like this blog, too! I checked your blog out yesterday and I was cracking up laughing. I will definitely follow this. I know the look that you are talking about because I have seen other black females do it a lot and it does make you want to slap the **%! out of them. I also have a 10 month old and people do want to touch his hair and his face and people don't wash their hands that often. I hate that!! It's ok to smile and say that he's cute but don't touch, please! Check out my two blogs when you get a chance, too. The sites are asassybutclassymom and blessingsfromthelord.blogspot. Keep them coming, girl!

  3. @S Jones: Wow, I thought the New Yorkers would have a lil more fashion sense lol! I'm in Ohio, so I just figured these girls didn't know any better lol!

    @Nakia: THanks, I appreciate it! I'll definitely check your blogs out! ♥

  4. They look at you like that because they know you look better. LOL. Idk bout those ratchets, but when I look a lil "too hard" at a woman, it's cuz I see something I like (no homo lmao) ... for example, if I like the way her outfit is put together I'll look and analyze. Or if the hair cut is hot, I'll stare (I'm a sucker for short halle berry cuts). But I'm careful to be discreet and not give the stank face. Why? Because I can't fight. lol

    Im guilty of cooing over toddlers. If I see a cute one? Oh best believe I'm saying SOMETHING. I never touch though. Don't want the mom to feel threatened. Why? Because I can't fight. LOL

    And lastly, I've been saying that about leggings for a very long time. Skinny people be thinking they're exempt from having to wear a t-shirt - WRONG. But I never say nothing though. Why? say it with me: Because I can't fight. lmao



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