Manipulation... ♥

So I'm listening to Wale's "The Manipulation" {a track from The Mixtape About Nothing} and it made me wonder...why are there so many women who settle for men talking to them any ol' kind of way? If you've never heard the song, it's kind of an alter-ego set-up with two separate beats. Against one beat, Wale raps from the point of view of a sweet, considerate, well-mannered guy. Then the beat switches and you have the other guy who calls women b*tches and h*es, and basically demeans them. The moral is that women have a choice of which type of guy we respond to, and I completely agree. 
There's nothing I hate more than hearing a female talk about how disrespected they felt when a dude approached them with "Yo b*tch, you got a man?" or "Damn girl, you got a fat a*s...what I gotta do to hop on that?!"...then a week later, the two of them are dating. What makes certain women respond to these approaches? I've discussed this with female friends before, and one common thing was that back in, say, high school, it was the 'thing' to approach girls like this. So the girls thought guys who stepped to them this way were cool. I don't remember ever thinking that was Apparently at some point, girls let this become "cool", so more guys started doing it. 
When did disrespectful guys become the default, making well-mannered ones the exception? Would you notice the quiet, mellow, respectful guy first at a club/mall/party? Or would you notice the loud, obnoxious, rude one? Which would you prefer to approach/be approached by?


  1. it's not cute & it never has been lol
    but i've never been "popular" i've always been attracted to respect :)

    i even "scared" this guy i was dating because he refered to me as a 'broad' to his friend while we were on the phone & i kirked on him. needless to say, he NEVER used that word again to refer to ANY least while we were dating, i can't speak for afterwards lol

  2. My boyfriends have always been outspoken, the "life of the party" type dudes that everyone knew and loved... clearly I'm attracted to the loud type LOL ... but they've never been disrespectful. or rude. (well, to ME I should say). Probably cuz I have the meanest side-eye EVER and a very low tolerance for that side-eye inducing ish.



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