Hola, Muchachos! ♥

Hey guys!
Sorry I've been away, but I'm back! Hopefully I'll be back on track with my blogging! 
It's Monday, and it's finals week. I'm wrapping up what has been my best semester in awhile! I'm seriously thinking I'll have my 4.0 this time. I've already aced 3 out of 5 finals (and their respective classes), and I have 2 papers I'm waiting on grades for (which I'm pretty sure are A's too) so I'm hoping for the best! 
In other news...while I was away, I became single! 
For like a day. Lol. A little miscommunication (actually more like a lack of communication) led to issues where my S.O. felt there was a lot of negative stuff going on that he couldn't talk to me about it...so he simply didn't talk to me. For a number of days. At the time I was going OFF...like WTF, really dude? I declared myself single (I made it FB official and EVERYTHING, but he doesn't even check his FB anymore so it was pretty pointless and went unnoticed lol) even though I knew in my heart that I was still 'In a Relationship' lol. But we worked it out, talked it out, and now we're all patched up. Sometimes we get too comfortable as a couple, and perhaps we forget about the friendship thing we once had where we could vent to each other about anything under the sun... and these things happen. *shrug*
Hmmm what else... I cut some ties I should have cut a LONG time ago. It feels good. I feel free. I don't need people in or around my life who are serving no purpose. I'm not crippled; I don't need anyone as a crutch. On the same token, I don't want to be anyone else's crutch, either. You know that little cliche about seasonal friends/acquaintances? Yeah... some people have been in my life long past their season. Expiration date was up a long time ago, and it's not that I just realized this...it's that I'm just now taking the initiative to actually do something about it. So I'm in a good place right now... I'm about to finish jammin' to this Wale {The Mixtape About Nothing} and eating my ice cream {yes, it's 11:30 at night but so what. I've had a long day lol}


  1. Congrats on the semester! Gon head with your bad self and #begreat!

    That was NOT a breakup. lmao. That was a bump in the road that was handled within what I would call a timely manner. I AM side-eyeing you for that fb status update though LOL -- u gotta be SURE before announcing stuff to the Face. Cuz then when you switch it back we all gon be looking at the new update shaking our heads hahahaha I'm glad y'all worked it out though. From what I can tell, I like y'alls relationship =)

    And the thing about people's expiration dates lowkey hit me hard. I had a best friend who apparently was only supposed to be around for a little while. I'm strangely okay with her being out of my life... but it's still weird when I think about it. I thought best friends were forever #kanyeshrug

  2. i agreeeeee 104% w. you!
    communication - something i'm dealin w/ in my relationship ...
    i can see several people who will need to be cut off in my life soon ...
    i hope you finish off strong!
    LOVE Wale-Mixtape About Nothing. shoooot I ♥ WALE .. LOL :)

  3. Lol and thanks @ Selah...yeah best friends are supposed to be forever. My theory is that the friends don't change, our definition of friend changes as we mature... some people just get outgrown, and that's ok...that's why you shed that too-little friend and move on to the next when it's time!

    CY: I knew you'd be feelin' me! And i aDORE the Mixtape About Nothing! I play The Manipulation on repeat like 65 million times a day lol! Love him!



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