Ok people, how are all of your weekends going?? Mine has been great...
I'm still reeling from the Grey's Anatomy season 6 finale...for all my fans out there...whew! Shonda took us for a ride this time, huh? Excellent stuff! I can't wait to glue myself to the TV all over again next season...my prediction: Meredith didn't really lose McBaby. I think he'll be making an appearance. Hopefully the Chief will resume his position. I wish with all my heart that Burke could come back and he and Cristina could be happily ever after...but we all know that's not possible. I don't like Cristina + Owen...he's just not my cup of tea.
I don't usually like surprises {mainly because I usually know about the 'surprise' before I receive it} but my love and my best friend got me yesterday! I was lounging around and my best friend asked me if I could babysit my godson while she and her husband went to the movies...so of course I said fine, bring him on over. In retrospect, this makes sense, but earlier in the day my boyfriend had been asking a bunch of questions like what's one wish you have right now {of course my answer was I wish he was here with me} or how would you feel if I were with you right now {and no, he didn't ask that in a dirty way...for you gutter-brains}...and just dropping a million hints. Well anyway, my best friend and hubby came to drop the baby off, then left. 5 minutes later, I hear her key turning and she walks back in, saying she forgot something. So I'm looking around like what could she have forgotten...and in walks my boyfriend behind her! He'd called her when he arrived in town, so she was in on the surprise, too. I was so happy. My dozen pink roses and my bottle of wine made me even happier! They got me sooooo good, and as I've said before, my love and I don't see one another as often as we'd like because of our long-distance relationship, so I've learned to cherish all the little visits and time we have together. It was a great weekend! 


  1. awwww that was so cute & thoughtful! i'm gonna be spending more time away from my sweetie this summer =( so ... i know all too well the pains of an LDR.
    & Grey's ... wow. i'm just still in shock! lol. i think he's going to find out about the baby, but i think she really did loose it. she had to to really know that she appreciated Derrick & wanted everything with him. she'll get pregnant again tho, lol. & did they ever show who got shot in the end? i don't think they did ... but i'm pretty sure the chief lived lol. he has to.
    it was DEF one of the BEST episodes!! can't wait for next season!

  2. Lol yeah, I can't wait until we're both completely done with school! First comes degrees, then come wedding rings lol!
    And they did show the Chief walking out of the office at the very end. They never said whether the guy shot himself, or whether SWAT shot him. All you hear is one gunshot so I guess it could have gone either way!

  3. That was a good surprise. I don't like surprises either, but I think I would be okay with that one. I stopped watching Grey's last year. It was getting too outlandish for me.



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