As much as I hate it, I look at things {and people} very stereotypically. A lot. I've been working on it, especially since I'm so conscious of it at this age....the problem is, I see so many people perpetuating these stereotypes that it makes it difficult for me to look at people any other way. Ever since I started my blog, I've had people who know me personally, ask me why I spend so much time blogging and reading other blogs. I don't know too many other people {in "real life"} who blog; I know some people who couldn't tell you what a blog is, believe it or not. The troubling thing is, most of these people are Black. It made me wonder, am I the weird one...or are there just an abundance of Black people behind on the times? A lot of the people I know would rather be sitting around watching BET, or chasing some chick/dude who could give a rats ass about them...or any number of things that, to sum it up, are a waste of time. So it makes me happy when I visit blogs of people all over the world who share their views and perspectives on so many relevant and eye-opening {or hilarious and random} different things. Especially Black people. For a second, I really thought Black people didn't blog...{yes, a second}.
I love blogging because not only is it an outlet {I rant and rave about random things all the time, and I can appreciate that some people don't want to hear that ish}, but I enjoy reading other perspectives, looking at others' blog setups and creativity, hearing music I may not have heard before, etc. Following blogs, and having people follow yours, is like having a group of people outside your immediate circle who share your views, or at least share the desire and willingness to look at things and come up with a valid opinion of them. I think it's amazing that so many people sign up for FBs and Twitter, and things of that allow you to condense thoughts into a tiny box all day long...but wouldn't give blogging a chance. I update my status as much as the next person, but I don't like condensing my thoughts. Why be limited by a predetermined amount of characters? Why not expand, and express? Even when I post a status, that box will never be big enough to hold all the things that could be on my mind at any given point in time...

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