"If you don’t like to read my shit talking...move the fuck on...Ok?"

I got this quote over at Robyn Latice's page, and it perfectly encompasses the way I'm feeling this week.
Yesterday, I jokingly told a friend that I probably should have been born with a censor on my mouth lol. You know those immediate reactions you have when you see/hear/think about something? Well I'm one of those people who's most likely to speak those reactions. It's not always cool, and I do try to catch myself, because who wants to be the bully going around hurting everyone's feelings? It's pretty much a matter of wording... But truthfully, sometimes I don't really give two shits. Hate me or love me, being around me for too long should definitely help you develop thicker skin. I mean, it's no excuse but I know a lot of people who are meaner more straightforward than I am. A lot of the time, it isn't what you say, but how you say it. I wouldn't want people in my camp who conform, and act submissive instead of expressing themselves. I feel like life is full of BS, so why add more to the pile? I speak when I want, and I speak the truth {as accurately as I can}...if one can't accept that, please feel free to vacate the premises. Trust me, I don't want or need the validation. With or without your input/opinion/reaction, I'll still be the person I was raised to be. I'll still speak up about things I'm feeling, when appropriate, of course. I can't offer you anything more, and I won't confine myself to anything less. Sorry if you're disappointed, but as Ms. Badu said, "I work on pleasing me, 'cause I can't please you...and that's why I do what I do..." 


  1. this ... is me. LOL!
    ♥ it !

  2. cute blog : ) I am a new follower. Please check out my blog as well and follow if you like it ( i hope you do)


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  3. An old coworker once told me "think, then talk." LOL I used to say the first thing that popped in my head, but after she brought it to my attention, I worked on just keeping some things to myself. You can still see it on my face though.

  4. @Cris: Lol!

    @Jonesy: Thanks a million, and thank you for following! I'll definitely check your blog out. I have Raheem's new album...needless to say, he does not disappoint! I frequent his blog, as well lol!

    @Rashan: I'm the same way...my face just tells it ALL, no matter if I say anything or not lol



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