Spring Break! ♥

I'm officially on Spring Break...as of this past Thursday evening.
I'm loving it! I plan on doing absolutely nothing...well, besides the few days I have to work, which I won't complain about since this skeezer FINALLY got the ax resigned from her position. Life IS indeed good...
Anywho, since I already took my lil' mini vacation (lol) I'm just maxxin and relaxxin...listening to the new Raheem DeVaughn ,shuffled in with the old, forever-emblazoned-in-my-heart Raheem, of course. I don't know what it is about that man's voice but it does warm, fuzzy, heart-fluttery things to me...and I love it! In the car, at home, wherever! That's called quality music...I know I used this pic in my Valentine's Day post, but I think it's so adorable that it's definitely worth posting again lol :-)
I'm currently working on an essay about how the Black Family is under/misrepresented in the media, and how this under/misrepresentation is effecting upcoming generations, which are coincidentally ALL wrapped up in the media. It's a topic that just kinda came to me, as I was looking at a photograph of this gorgeous, young married couple I know. It's crazy because if one were to rely on the media's representation of Black Love, they'd be led to believe that...well...there is no love. We're just a bunch of unwed, unloved, unloving babymamas/daddies running rampant. There ARE loving relationships among a lot of Black people. There ARE couples who marry, and raise beautiful families, and live the so-called American dream. But again, one would never know that if they relied on the media's representation of our people. So...yeah. I'm excited to write about such a topic. 

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  1. haha i thought about you when i put up my post about RD.. i was like, i wonder if she got it ... didn't take me long to figure that you did :D
    i love.love.love it!

    & as far as your paper topic goes -- that is interesting ; & so true. we haven't really had a good representation of black families since the Cosby era [ that i can think of ] lots of single parents, people struggling with baby daddy/momma drama [ parkers, one on one ] all of us was pretty decent, realistic, but not really on the level of showing unadulterated black love [ feel free to quote me on that LOL ] but hopefully you update us on this topic cuz, well, i'd like to know what you end up finding out =)



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