The Price of Fame...♥

I just had to post this link to Kanye's latest blog post... 
I promise, I've loved Kanye's music for so long, and consistently...I miss him! The College Dropout never left my earphones the since the day it was released. It went from the CD player, to the first mp3 player, to the iTunes and the iPod. That, lyrically, is one of my favorite albums. That's just my opinion. Say what you will about him, but the man has words for days....
These gossip sites give him a lot of BS, but when you really sit and read his words, Kanye is probably one of the people (mainstream celebrity-wise) with the most knowledge to offer. I don't think he's crazy, I think he's been through enough ish that he has to sit and just write sometimes. I know the feeling. His mom was his rock. It's funny how the website I saw this link on (which I won't name, because I don't deem them worthy of the shout out) is like soooo many other celeb-based blogs and forms of media. One minute, a person is everyone's favorite. They're on top, and their creative mind is getting this high that they've always dreamed of. The next minute, they're hated, being dissed and criticized by the same people who boosted them up onto the very pedestal they're being knocked off of. The mind and ego are, in my opinion, two of the most fragile components of human beings. Hollywood and the media have seen the birth and death (literally and figuratively) of so many celebrities who, in the end, just wanted to be heard, and accepted, and...well, loved. It's funny how media has the power to do so much good and so much evil. It's also funny how hard it would be for some to decide which is more entertaining: the positive, uplifting messages or those that beat down the very essence of one's being, just to restart and repeat the cycle all over again the next week. I don't think I could afford the price of fame... it costs too much.

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