Soooo I was so done today... 
I try to stay away, but B.ossip be calling my name lol. I usually don't read the comments that other readers leave, but I happened to read them on a post about Gabourey Sidibe (the girl who stars in the movie Precious, for those who live under a rock) and I was so disgusted. I went to read the comments on another post about her...and another. You know what they all had in common? Each time, people felt the need to dismiss all the talent, beauty, and humility this young lady has, and move straight to talking down on her because of her weight. Seriously, how many times can you call someone fat? Do you think she needs to hear that from you? As if the mirrors and photographs don't show her exactly what she looks like. She's overweight. We get it. So what? The only people obsessed with it are the idiots who keep bringing it up OVER and OVER... she's making mad money, being nominated for all types of awards, and y'all trippin over her size? Get over it! While you're sitting around talking about her, her chips are stackin'. Are yours?
As if that's not aggravating enough, one person's comment had the nerve to say (paraphrasing) that Black women need to wake up and realize that the reason Black men are going to White women is because they're sick of Black women being so overweight. THAT's when I was so done. First and foremost, this post was about the Oscars and whatnot. It had absolutely nothing to do with interracial dating. I guess this fool just felt the need to share that little opinion. Second of all, I work at a plus-sized clothing store. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've watched interracial couples (which I have no problem with, BTW) come into my store, and it's usually a Black man with either a White or a Latina woman. Let me tell you..My store carries sizes 12 through 26...and let's just say I've seen plenty of Black men with women who wear at LEAST a size 24 or 26. I've seen women who can't even fit our biggest size. All I'm trying to say is that men date whomever they're attracted to. I thought it was mad ignorant for someone to say that they date outside their race because of something as trivial as weight, especially since if weight were the issue, wouldn't plus-sized non-Black women be out of the question, too? 

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  1. I agree with you on this one. But it is Hollywood we are talking about. They are little to none big women that are in major roles in Hollywood. America's depiction of beauty is,in a word, fucked up. And as for the idiot that you talked about, I bet that this dude is hooked up with the fattest most redneckish meth head ass white woman he can find. That is how we do. (some of us) As long as the chick is white it don't matter, but he will bad mouth any Black women that bothers to cross his path. It is what it is Ma. But I do think that in order for this chick's career to blossum and so she don't get type casted into playing the "mammy" or the big mad Black woman, she is going to have to start doing Jenny Craig commericials. Again Ma, It is what it is. And it is Hollywood and America.



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