Hey You Out There!! ♥

Yes, YOU. 
Seriously...this is getting REALLY old. 
First of all, this is my blog. My journal. My work. My thoughts. My opinions. 
Which I, like everyone else on this planet, am entitled to.
That being said, for the people {PPL, as in PLURAL, for those who think everything is specifically about them} who come to this page, and read things that they ASSUME are about them... perhaps you should just ASK. For the sake of clarification. Trust me, my answers just may surprise you. Don't bother assuming, because obviously that gets you nowhere since...well...your assumptions are already wrong!
I don't need to lie, pump-up, fabricate, etc anything I write on here; everything is pretty much real-life matters that affect more than just YOU. Therefore, if you see similarities between my posts and your life, that's either great for you, or it sucks for you, depending on your interpretation. That's your problem to deal with. I'm a blogger. I observe, I listen, and I write. That's my prerogative. The subject matter that my posts (if personal) pertain to is stuff that I've discussed with the person it pertains to, unless I directly state otherwise. For example, I haven't discussed THIS post with each person it pertains to, since I know all 4 of you will be reading it. Therefore, I decided upon a universal post that will address you all! If you're still unclear, feel free to call, text, comment, or whatever floats your boat. 
The concept is really quite simple. If I've talked about it with you, the post is probably about you. If I haven't, it's probably not. 
Thanks for reading! Which I'm absolutely sure you are, because...well, humans are just predictable like that. This isn't meant to portray an argumentative tone, or to be mean...I just want you to step back and realize that the world does NOT revolve around you...at least mine doesn't
x0x0 bitches! 

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