Hey Guys...

Sorry I haven't been blogging... I had a lot of catching up to do in school since I took it upon myself to make my own spring break last week lol. As I mentioned before, Iowa was fun. Got some much-needed QT with my QT...Didn't take pics, though lol. We were swimming and hot-tubbing and whatnot at the hotel, and...well my hair wasn't at it's picture-taking potential lol. But whatever... we've got a lifetime to snap pics.
Anyway, everything was cool. Until I got home... Walk with me...
Imagine driving...no, not driving, COASTING down a street on a college campus. 5mph at the max. Cars parked on both sides of the street. All of a sudden, some asshole comes from your left side, and is walking basically alongside your car, in between you and the cars parked on that side of the road. Anyway, then asshole decides to turn and cross the street, right in front of your car... no "look both ways" or anything... so you swerve to your right to avoid hitting him. As you pass him, he hits what sounds like the roof of your car, so you turn around and look at him as he's crossing behind your car. You shake your head...and keep it moving. Whatever.
Fast forward 3 days...you get a call from your granny (who's name your car is in) talking about the Iowa police have been blowing her phone up, saying you hit someone with your car and left them lying out in the street... really? Bottom line: this happened. Only my babe was the one driving my car, and i was with him. Now statements have been given, babe has to go to court for a hit-and-run, and asshole "hit his hand on my side mirror and hurt his arm"...BS? Yeah, I think so too. Needless to say, it's been a helluva week.

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