Hey all! Another busy couple of weeks, so I haven't been blogging much. I've been checking up on a lot of you guys' blogs, though. So I just thought I'd stop neglecting my blog and at least fill you guys in what's been up with me!
1) It's my last year of undergrad. I have 3 more classes to take this summer (one is a re-take of a class that I got a D in, the semester my mom passed away) and then I'm excited because I finally got into an externship program at the elementary school across the street from my house. So I'll be doing that this Fall. Then I'll officially have my degree.

2) On Thursday (March 18th), my best friend here in my college town gave birth to her first child, Jonathan Jr. He's my Snookie. I watched him being born (yes, I've seen my best friend's vagina. Our friendship is now cemented in stone) and when he was born, he was looking over at me. With these gorgeous gray eyes. I'm telling you, there's nothing like the experience of watching a child being born. My bestie has knocked out marriage, first child, and (soon to be) college graduation all in one semester. I'm so happy for her!

3) I hate group projects. I work so much better on my own, at my own pace, with my own standards. I can't stand depending on people because they always seem to either be doing TOO much, or not doing enough. Then I have to worry about how their hot messiness is going to affect MY grade. Ugh.

4) My daddy is getting married on April 3rd. YaY! I'm not too enthused about being a bridesmaid, but I'm his only child, so whatever...

5) I've been really happy lately, for whatever reason. I'm not questioning or complaining, though. There are so many unhappy people in the world, that I'm thankful for any and all moments of peace that I can get!

That's all I've got for now. CSI is on. Gotta concentrate lol. 



    Congrats on one more semester. It will fly by before you know it!!!!!!

    The baby is precious. And I know how you feel about your best friend . . that's what I told my best friend after she had her daughter and I saw it ALL!!! WE are friends forever...LOL

    Good Times :-)

  2. That baby is such a cutie! I HATE group projects people do not work at the same pace nor give the same caliber of work hate it!

  3. Thanks good that you are happy. and I laughed when you said "our friendship is now cemented in stone" lol, thats funny.

  4. @Gorgeous: He is a cutie, huh?! Love him! And yeah, group work definitely sucks...

    @Journey: THank you! Lol ♥



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