"If you don’t like to read my shit talking...move the fuck on...Ok?"

I got this quote over at Robyn Latice's page, and it perfectly encompasses the way I'm feeling this week.
Yesterday, I jokingly told a friend that I probably should have been born with a censor on my mouth lol. You know those immediate reactions you have when you see/hear/think about something? Well I'm one of those people who's most likely to speak those reactions. It's not always cool, and I do try to catch myself, because who wants to be the bully going around hurting everyone's feelings? It's pretty much a matter of wording... But truthfully, sometimes I don't really give two shits. Hate me or love me, being around me for too long should definitely help you develop thicker skin. I mean, it's no excuse but I know a lot of people who are meaner more straightforward than I am. A lot of the time, it isn't what you say, but how you say it. I wouldn't want people in my camp who conform, and act submissive instead of expressing themselves. I feel like life is full of BS, so why add more to the pile? I speak when I want, and I speak the truth {as accurately as I can}...if one can't accept that, please feel free to vacate the premises. Trust me, I don't want or need the validation. With or without your input/opinion/reaction, I'll still be the person I was raised to be. I'll still speak up about things I'm feeling, when appropriate, of course. I can't offer you anything more, and I won't confine myself to anything less. Sorry if you're disappointed, but as Ms. Badu said, "I work on pleasing me, 'cause I can't please you...and that's why I do what I do..." 

Hey You Out There!! ♥

Yes, YOU. 
Seriously...this is getting REALLY old. 
First of all, this is my blog. My journal. My work. My thoughts. My opinions. 
Which I, like everyone else on this planet, am entitled to.
That being said, for the people {PPL, as in PLURAL, for those who think everything is specifically about them} who come to this page, and read things that they ASSUME are about them... perhaps you should just ASK. For the sake of clarification. Trust me, my answers just may surprise you. Don't bother assuming, because obviously that gets you nowhere since...well...your assumptions are already wrong!
I don't need to lie, pump-up, fabricate, etc anything I write on here; everything is pretty much real-life matters that affect more than just YOU. Therefore, if you see similarities between my posts and your life, that's either great for you, or it sucks for you, depending on your interpretation. That's your problem to deal with. I'm a blogger. I observe, I listen, and I write. That's my prerogative. The subject matter that my posts (if personal) pertain to is stuff that I've discussed with the person it pertains to, unless I directly state otherwise. For example, I haven't discussed THIS post with each person it pertains to, since I know all 4 of you will be reading it. Therefore, I decided upon a universal post that will address you all! If you're still unclear, feel free to call, text, comment, or whatever floats your boat. 
The concept is really quite simple. If I've talked about it with you, the post is probably about you. If I haven't, it's probably not. 
Thanks for reading! Which I'm absolutely sure you are, because...well, humans are just predictable like that. This isn't meant to portray an argumentative tone, or to be mean...I just want you to step back and realize that the world does NOT revolve around you...at least mine doesn't
x0x0 bitches! 

My New Absolute FAVE Quote... ♥

"They play it safe; are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. 
They move in packs, ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. 
They feel most comfortable in groups...less guilt to swallow. 
They are US. This is what we have become. Afraid to respect the individual...
A single person within a circumstance can move on to change...to love herself... to EvolvE." 
--Erykah Badu ♥

To Whom it May Concern:

Don't be mad at me because your life is being wasted on raggedy chix, funky clubs, and tacky lookin' urban clothing. Grow up, act your age, be a man, get some business, and take care of that sh!t. 


Hey all! Another busy couple of weeks, so I haven't been blogging much. I've been checking up on a lot of you guys' blogs, though. So I just thought I'd stop neglecting my blog and at least fill you guys in what's been up with me!
1) It's my last year of undergrad. I have 3 more classes to take this summer (one is a re-take of a class that I got a D in, the semester my mom passed away) and then I'm excited because I finally got into an externship program at the elementary school across the street from my house. So I'll be doing that this Fall. Then I'll officially have my degree.

2) On Thursday (March 18th), my best friend here in my college town gave birth to her first child, Jonathan Jr. He's my Snookie. I watched him being born (yes, I've seen my best friend's vagina. Our friendship is now cemented in stone) and when he was born, he was looking over at me. With these gorgeous gray eyes. I'm telling you, there's nothing like the experience of watching a child being born. My bestie has knocked out marriage, first child, and (soon to be) college graduation all in one semester. I'm so happy for her!

3) I hate group projects. I work so much better on my own, at my own pace, with my own standards. I can't stand depending on people because they always seem to either be doing TOO much, or not doing enough. Then I have to worry about how their hot messiness is going to affect MY grade. Ugh.

4) My daddy is getting married on April 3rd. YaY! I'm not too enthused about being a bridesmaid, but I'm his only child, so whatever...

5) I've been really happy lately, for whatever reason. I'm not questioning or complaining, though. There are so many unhappy people in the world, that I'm thankful for any and all moments of peace that I can get!

That's all I've got for now. CSI is on. Gotta concentrate lol. 


Soooo I was so done today... 
I try to stay away, but B.ossip be calling my name lol. I usually don't read the comments that other readers leave, but I happened to read them on a post about Gabourey Sidibe (the girl who stars in the movie Precious, for those who live under a rock) and I was so disgusted. I went to read the comments on another post about her...and another. You know what they all had in common? Each time, people felt the need to dismiss all the talent, beauty, and humility this young lady has, and move straight to talking down on her because of her weight. Seriously, how many times can you call someone fat? Do you think she needs to hear that from you? As if the mirrors and photographs don't show her exactly what she looks like. She's overweight. We get it. So what? The only people obsessed with it are the idiots who keep bringing it up OVER and OVER... she's making mad money, being nominated for all types of awards, and y'all trippin over her size? Get over it! While you're sitting around talking about her, her chips are stackin'. Are yours?
As if that's not aggravating enough, one person's comment had the nerve to say (paraphrasing) that Black women need to wake up and realize that the reason Black men are going to White women is because they're sick of Black women being so overweight. THAT's when I was so done. First and foremost, this post was about the Oscars and whatnot. It had absolutely nothing to do with interracial dating. I guess this fool just felt the need to share that little opinion. Second of all, I work at a plus-sized clothing store. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've watched interracial couples (which I have no problem with, BTW) come into my store, and it's usually a Black man with either a White or a Latina woman. Let me tell you..My store carries sizes 12 through 26...and let's just say I've seen plenty of Black men with women who wear at LEAST a size 24 or 26. I've seen women who can't even fit our biggest size. All I'm trying to say is that men date whomever they're attracted to. I thought it was mad ignorant for someone to say that they date outside their race because of something as trivial as weight, especially since if weight were the issue, wouldn't plus-sized non-Black women be out of the question, too? 

Spring Break! ♥

I'm officially on Spring Break...as of this past Thursday evening.
I'm loving it! I plan on doing absolutely nothing...well, besides the few days I have to work, which I won't complain about since this skeezer FINALLY got the ax resigned from her position. Life IS indeed good...
Anywho, since I already took my lil' mini vacation (lol) I'm just maxxin and relaxxin...listening to the new Raheem DeVaughn ,shuffled in with the old, forever-emblazoned-in-my-heart Raheem, of course. I don't know what it is about that man's voice but it does warm, fuzzy, heart-fluttery things to me...and I love it! In the car, at home, wherever! That's called quality music...I know I used this pic in my Valentine's Day post, but I think it's so adorable that it's definitely worth posting again lol :-)
I'm currently working on an essay about how the Black Family is under/misrepresented in the media, and how this under/misrepresentation is effecting upcoming generations, which are coincidentally ALL wrapped up in the media. It's a topic that just kinda came to me, as I was looking at a photograph of this gorgeous, young married couple I know. It's crazy because if one were to rely on the media's representation of Black Love, they'd be led to believe that...well...there is no love. We're just a bunch of unwed, unloved, unloving babymamas/daddies running rampant. There ARE loving relationships among a lot of Black people. There ARE couples who marry, and raise beautiful families, and live the so-called American dream. But again, one would never know that if they relied on the media's representation of our people. So...yeah. I'm excited to write about such a topic. 

The Price of Fame...♥

I just had to post this link to Kanye's latest blog post... 
I promise, I've loved Kanye's music for so long, and consistently...I miss him! The College Dropout never left my earphones the since the day it was released. It went from the CD player, to the first mp3 player, to the iTunes and the iPod. That, lyrically, is one of my favorite albums. That's just my opinion. Say what you will about him, but the man has words for days....
These gossip sites give him a lot of BS, but when you really sit and read his words, Kanye is probably one of the people (mainstream celebrity-wise) with the most knowledge to offer. I don't think he's crazy, I think he's been through enough ish that he has to sit and just write sometimes. I know the feeling. His mom was his rock. It's funny how the website I saw this link on (which I won't name, because I don't deem them worthy of the shout out) is like soooo many other celeb-based blogs and forms of media. One minute, a person is everyone's favorite. They're on top, and their creative mind is getting this high that they've always dreamed of. The next minute, they're hated, being dissed and criticized by the same people who boosted them up onto the very pedestal they're being knocked off of. The mind and ego are, in my opinion, two of the most fragile components of human beings. Hollywood and the media have seen the birth and death (literally and figuratively) of so many celebrities who, in the end, just wanted to be heard, and accepted, and...well, loved. It's funny how media has the power to do so much good and so much evil. It's also funny how hard it would be for some to decide which is more entertaining: the positive, uplifting messages or those that beat down the very essence of one's being, just to restart and repeat the cycle all over again the next week. I don't think I could afford the price of fame... it costs too much.

Hey Guys...

Sorry I haven't been blogging... I had a lot of catching up to do in school since I took it upon myself to make my own spring break last week lol. As I mentioned before, Iowa was fun. Got some much-needed QT with my QT...Didn't take pics, though lol. We were swimming and hot-tubbing and whatnot at the hotel, and...well my hair wasn't at it's picture-taking potential lol. But whatever... we've got a lifetime to snap pics.
Anyway, everything was cool. Until I got home... Walk with me...
Imagine driving...no, not driving, COASTING down a street on a college campus. 5mph at the max. Cars parked on both sides of the street. All of a sudden, some asshole comes from your left side, and is walking basically alongside your car, in between you and the cars parked on that side of the road. Anyway, then asshole decides to turn and cross the street, right in front of your car... no "look both ways" or anything... so you swerve to your right to avoid hitting him. As you pass him, he hits what sounds like the roof of your car, so you turn around and look at him as he's crossing behind your car. You shake your head...and keep it moving. Whatever.
Fast forward 3 days...you get a call from your granny (who's name your car is in) talking about the Iowa police have been blowing her phone up, saying you hit someone with your car and left them lying out in the street... really? Bottom line: this happened. Only my babe was the one driving my car, and i was with him. Now statements have been given, babe has to go to court for a hit-and-run, and asshole "hit his hand on my side mirror and hurt his arm"...BS? Yeah, I think so too. Needless to say, it's been a helluva week.


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