Happy! ♥

Hey guys! I thought I'd let you all know that I made it to Chicago, then onto Iowa safe and sound. So I'll be here with my love through next week. Probably won't be posting much, lol, we've got 6 months worth of lost time to make up for! I've missed hanging out with him! Also, the trip was problem-free, which I'm ever so grateful for. This is the middle of February in the midwest, so weather was my only concern, but it literally didn't snow at all during the time I was traveling. I drove 4 hours from my home to Chicago, stayed with his family, then the next morning (yesterday) drove the other 5 hours from Chicago to Cedar Falls. It literally started snowing as soon as I parked and checked into my hotel room. How about awesome? Lol. It's not supposed to snow on my return trip, either. Again, Grateful....
But yeah, I'm here! Having a blast so far, and I've literally been in IA for a full 23 hours now. I wish I could attach some cute-ass lovey dovey up to date pic of us together, but to be quite frank...he's still in bed asleep (long night of clubbing) and my hair is ALL over the place. Not ugly, just super wild bed head lol. Curls galore. So At some point in the midst of all the fun I'll snap some shots. My best friend yelled at me on Valentine's Day because I posted a pic of my babe and I, and there was this status thing going around that said to post a pic of you and your sig. other, and say how long you've been together in your status. So since we were posting how long, I thought it would be cute to post the first pic we'd ever taken together. But noooo, my best friend tells me that pic is too old lol, and that I need to put an up-to-date one. Which, whatever, that's fine. Except SOME of us aren't married and living with our S.O., so some of us can't just snap random pics together whenever we want lol. And really, when we do see each other we get such a limited amount of time together that we don't have time to be taking any damn pictures lol. So yeah. But anyway, I think sleeping beauty might be awaking lmao so I'm gonna go snuggle. TTYL!!


  1. Jealous I am!! lol jk ...have a great week chica. Yall deserve it :)



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