Dear Lost Little Girl...

You are NOT a Barbie. 
Barbie is a set of carefully assembled plastic, created for children to play with. 
Although the distinction between the two is becoming obscured, People are NOT Barbie dolls. 
What's this fascination with all things fake? 
Is there like a limit to how much fake stuff you can have simultaneously? Lol...
Like, fake hair, fake nails, fake skin (makeup), fake eyes, fake lips, fake boobs, fake asses, etc.... I mean, where does it end? I blogged awhile ago about a chick who almost died from getting hydrogel injections in her butt because her boyfriend wanted it to be bigger. WTF?? Some people take it tooooooo far! I mean, personally I think that some of these things (nails, makeup, weave) are moderation. I mean, there are exceptions to everything, but I don't see too many people checkin' for a chick walking around with a caked on face, 60 inch hair, and 7 inch acrylics...If you feel like breast implants are absolutely essential to your well-being...get it how you live. Colored contacts...ehh. Whatever. But when EVERYTHING is's kind of a problem, don't you think? I don't feel like I'd wanna be the fool who dies because of some crap being injected into my face, ass, etc... 


  1. Some people don't think they can get what they want or accomplish their goals without being fake. Their vision of success is distorted!!! People are so into pleasing others instead of pleasing themselves and being happy with what God gave them!!! God made us all different for a reason . . . you can't teach condifence and self-esteem, people have to get it on their own :-/

  2. Oh, you speak to my Soul. Since when did being a fake ass woman who is over qualified because she has HAD every job, yet cannot KEEP a job, become so desirable? That crap is unattractive! And now I see on MySpace young, lost, ignorant Black girls wanting to be Nicki "French Word for Sex", knowing damn well they have no idea what the hell and WHERE Harajuku came from. And is she really something to be mimicking?? REALLY??

    The Youth today are lost and enjoy it. They don't want to be found. We parish for a lack of knowledge. We know all about crap that doesn't matter and won't save us in the long run. But as long as we look good and meltable doing whatever ignorance there is to do, it's all good. Boo. That is not cute..

    And Miss Argentina actually DIED getting ass injections. Ass injections! Craziness. Just goes to show it affects all races. Everyone is now equally dazed and confused.


  3. EMH: I completely agree... some people apparently think it's better to just settle for someone else's idea of "beauty" and imitate...No one knows who they really are anymore because they're so busy trying to be someone else!

    Pie: SMH @ people literally DYING to do this to really saddens my soul, because what will it take for women to see the beauty in themselves?? This Nicki Minaj thing just baffles me from all ends...

  4. i completely agree with you. women are making themselves look a damn fool, and it's embarassing to the rest of us that are comfortable in our skin, and in the way we look.

  5. I guess they just don't realize that people are laughing at them.

  6. I love this post! It's so sad how lost women become when we let men and the media tell us what is beautiful. If anything, I'd rather these women wear butt pads and push up bras, but ma'am!

    And Lil' Kim *blank stare*.

  7. Definitely agree... Makeup is ok in moderation... hell, everything is ok when used in moderation, but when you go too far with it that's when you gotta question whether someone has self-esteem issues. I hate seeing people (mostly females) with extremely crazy hair-dos when you know the hair is fake. Gotta start loving what God gave you. He gave it to you for a reason.



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