I hate it when someone tries to minimize YOUR feelings. Maybe you don't care, but if that's the case keep your thoughts/comments/opinions to your damn self. Who are you to judge my situation and fix your lips to spout criticisms based on the portion of me that I ALLOW you to know??? Who gave you this right? I don't remember consenting to or asking for that shit. 
There are so many aspects of ourselves that we wish to keep sacred. No one need worry about them, because they belong solely to us. My most inner self doesn't want to come out. She doesn't want to be exposed to you...to your lies, your judgement, your manipulation... She just wants to be.My outer self is somewhat the same, though. I don't feel like I should have to explain every aspect of me to anyone. It's mine...can I at least be selfish about that? Even if you think you know me, the reality is that all you know is what I give you... You can come up with all the analyses isn the world, but if you don't have all the data to begin with, is your analysis really valid? I think not. After revealing any given portion of you, people seem to feel as though that revelation is their green light to probe, analyze, diagnose, etc. all the things that you're showing them. Everything isn't meant to be analyzed. If I choose to share something with you, it's because I want you to feel me...not to minimize and erase the feelings I already have about it. Feeling makes me human...if I didn't care about anything, what would I be?? 

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