Rude Awakening♥

Soooo a man called me at the crack of dawn earlier, waking me up from what felt like thee best sleep I'd ever partaken in in my entire life. I was LiVid!!! To make matters worse... it was a wrong number!! YEs! Calling me asking for some chick named Angel. WTF? 
So I politely tell him he has the wrong number, and he commences to hit on me! Talking about "Well what's your name? You sound gorgeous. I could get used to waking up to that voice..." I'm like is dude serious?? Do we still do that? Hit on random people who we've never met in life, over the phone? A hot mess. I never could get back to sleep, either. My whole day was spent in half-sleep drowsiness, all because of some jive turkey trying to play Telephone Lover. Ugh! I just hung up in his face. Ol' weirdo... 


  1. LOL - I don't even answer the phone if i don't recognize the number, especially when I'm sleep.

  2. Lol, it just so happens that I just got a new phone last I've been lenient with the unknown numbers since I'm notorious for not backing my number up before switching phones!! Lol

  3. that is so funny. i have a habit of holding coversations with people who insist on calling my number asking for jon, or

  4. one reason my phone is on silent when i sleep. important ppl have my house number :-)

  5. that's terrible, I hate when my sleep is interrupted especially for some BS.

    Entertaining post ~ Happy Blogging!

    ♥ Lil Landy



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