NYE & ish...♥

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year.
I actually had a nice one. Had to work NYE, but the mall closed early so I had time to drive to my hometown and go to my best friend's birthday party. Yes, she's a NYE baby. Lol... then her brother threw her an after party on Friday night. Fun times at house parties in the hood. I felt sooo out of place. But whatever. My best friend is like the one college girl out of an extrEMELY hood family. Lol. They call her the white girl of the family. That gets on my nerves...but you know how our people do. Anyway, yeah I'm definitely not the party girl. I didn't know half the music being played. Lil' Boosie sounds like Trina to me... and they were listening to somebody named Waka Flaka... I don't even have words to describe the whackness. So yeah...basically I was not hip AT ALL. But it was for my best friend. So I had fun.
Got some free laundry done at Grandma's house.
It's always fun to go home...however I've never been so happy to be back in my own apartment. Where I can take long showers, walk around in a t-shirt, and sleep as late as I want. My granny is a busybody, and she usually doesn't sleep past 8am. When I don't have work or school, I can sleep up til like noon. Lol. She does not  approve.
Anyway, now I'm just coolin. Waiting for school to resume. I'm ready. Holiday season is over. That means these lazy seasonals are headed out the door. That makes me extremely happy. They suck at life. Who applies for a seasonal position then gets mad that they have to work near holidays? Do you not realize that that's the only purpose you serve here? SMH...
I'm planning something for Valentine's Day with the Honeydip. Don't know what yet, but something. Definitely haven't seen him since my birthday. My birthday was in July. Not cool... 


  1. I feel it! I am too amped to finally be back in my own apartment. nothing beats being in your own space!

  2. happy new year to you hun. and i feel you on feeling outta place, story of my life...lol.


  3. Waka Flaka.. I've heard the name, but am so glad I never heard a song. I just know it's wack. My grandma locks me in the house by 10:00, and i'm in my 30s. I love being in my own crib, especially after visiting the fam.



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