My Real World...♥

Spring semester begins next Monday. I'm beyond ready. Lol. I think I've mentioned this a few times before, but oh well. I'm saying it again. This will be my second to last semester of my undergraduate education and I'm so ready to get out there into what I consider the Real World. I know it's a scary time with the state of the economy and whatnot, but unlike some people, I refuse to use that as a cop-out or an excuse to move back into my family's house and be unproductive. I want my own, and for the past 3 and a half years I've been gaining the skills to go out and get it! So why not be excited?
I've been practically living on the phone with my Honeydip the past couple weeks. As a matter of fact, as I type this post, he's asleep snoring over my speaker phone. It's around that time when we both start getting cranky because we haven't seen each other in so long. Instead of letting it take it's toll on us, this time he decided to go the opposite direction and get back to what made us so close in the first place. Talking...about any and everything. I remember when we were just best friends, and his father told him not to spoil me by talking to me day in and day out, because then I'd expect him to do it forever lol. I mean, that's a little unrealistic. At that time, we were both in high school. Our lives have both gotten a lot busier since then. So I still love and appreciate all the time we spend talking and just growing as a couple. Our friendship is really what I adore most about our relationship. I said that to someone and she's like aww, that's so sweet...I wish my boyfriend would be like that with me... I don't think I'd accept anything less. There's such a noticeable difference when you form a friendship with someone prior to the romantic part. If you can't talk, or enjoy each other's company when you're not physically doing anything, what's the point? 
Anywho, right now I'm watching Don't Be a Menace blah blah whatever the rest of the title is...I'd never seen it before. It was...umm...interesting. I'm one of those people who hasn't seen half the movies that others believe the entire world has watched a billion times. I just saw Coming to America for the first time in like October. *shrug* Oh well. I'd just rather read a book than watch a movie. Sue me. 


  1. Yeah, talking is a great foundation for a relationship. Don't feel bad about just seeing Dont Be A Menace.. I promise this will be the last time I say this to you.. but you were mad young when that came out, and it's not like its a classic or anything.

  2. Nothing wrong with reading a book!!! :-) And I agree, talking (actual) communication not bbm or twitter or fb or email is one of the best things for a relationship!!!

  3. hey! i left a comment here, came back to see what your response was... and nothing! I think my Mozilla was ackin up again lol oh well.. hope you're doing good chica!



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