Excuse My Hiatus~♥

Hey loves...
Sorry I've been away for so long. Had to tend to some things and get prepared for spring semester! It's going great, so far. But doesn't it always seem that way during the first week? That's when everyone's all nice and rested and rejuvenated and whatnot. Lol. I do think this will be my fave semester, though. just based on the classes I'm taking this semester. Learning is a lot easier when the subject matter actually piques your interest.
Anywho, school started yesterday. You know what that means. Hoodrat freshmen, icebreakers, parking lot pandemonium, and refund check ballers. SMH.
I won't lie, though, I did get my refund check today lol. And I was excited. Why? Because since my store of employment has cut back on hours, I've been cut back on hours, which means some bills weren't exactly getting paid. I'm not the most responsible person when it comes to money. I'm learning, though. I grew up in a not-rich-but-pretty-spoiled-compared-to-a-lot-of-my-peers type of home...So this independent, fend-for-yourself thing is still pretty new to me. That being said, I just spent like 600+ on bills, paying things off completely so that I can start fresh. My aim is to be responsible and pay things on time, and to never let things pile up this way again. And to keep something in the bank. And to live within my means. That's been my biggest problem. It's one thing when you're living the life on Mommy and Daddy and Granny's dime, but when it's on your dime (and nickels, and pennies) the situation gets sticky. Pray for me. I'll keep y'all posted on my progress!
Also, I signed up for internet today, so I can get back on track with my blogging! That's the real reason I've been away from you guys lol... I was kinda mooching off someone's wireless in my apartment complex, but now it seems to not wanna work... and I don't do this campus computer lab/library stuff unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, for reasons that we've already discussed. Besides, with two online classes, I can't afford to be foolin' with someone's unreliable internet lol. I know, silly of me to complain about someone ELSE's web service. But oh well.
I'm also planning a trip to Iowa to see my Honeydip in 3 weeks. Wanted to go for Valentine's Day weekend, but he'll be out of town at a wrestling tournament, and as much as I enjoy seeing him knock the sh*t out of take down other 285 lb beasts, I don't like my visits to be interrupted.
I'm killing time before my Clinical Psych class, so I'll catch up on some of you guys' blogs! I've really missed them!


  1. Oh the stupid things I did with my refund checks. I always got fresh dressed and one year I painted my 1987 VW Fox. Man, why didn't anyone tell me that was gonna come back to haunt me. Glad you got internet. I like the whole free wi-fi thing, but it does get annoying when its not available when you want it to be.

  2. Lol right... so now I have my own and I don't have to be all pissy when someone else's isn't available lol



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