I'm Here!....♥

...just to lurk around, though.... I dont really have much to talk about at the moment.... I might later tonight, though lol. 


It's been a long time....
*cue music* I shouldn't have left you (left you) without a dope beat to step to....{Timbaland voice}
But anyway, I'd love to tell you guys that I'm back from the little hiatus I took over the past few weeks, and that I'll be blogging on the regular again buuutttttttt I've always felt that a LiaR ain't shit. So...yeah. We'll just take things a day at a time lol. I've really missed you guys, though! I'll have to catch up on reading (and posting) at some point. Out of nowhere, life just got extra busy, and I found myself trying to pencil sleep and hair washes into my schedule...smh. Lol. It's been a crazy couple months. For those who don't know, I've worked at Torrid for 2 years now. Well I was recently promoted to Assistant Manager, which occupies a big chunk of my time. No complaints there... the hours and the pay are alright with me...Not too shabby for my first and only retail job, right? Lol. This is also my last semester of undergrad, so I've been trying to wrap things up on a strong note. So far, so good...in addition to classes, I've been doing my externship at a local elementary school. So yes... busy, busy, busy. All this while remaining fly and fabulous! I've been rockin' my natural to the fullest, and I've cut about 4 inches off since that last pic I posted, a few entries back.... don't worry, you can hardly tell the difference. The 'fro is still in full effect. Lol. Just minus a few pesky ends. 
Enough about me, though.....How've my old faithfuls been? Do any of you have twitters? I'd love to follow, so if you do, leave me an @ name, or follow me. Trust me, you'll hear from me a lot more on there than you will on here lol... But I am gonna try to get back to blogging. Y'all know how it is... Lol. Til next time...

PSA... ♥

So I've come to learn that this blog challenge stuff isn't for me... lol
1) I don't have the attention span for this ish... There's a million other things running through my mind on any given day, and sometimes my blog, as much as I adore it, is NOT one of them lol.
2) I'm a free spirit... I wanna blog when I wanna blog... and if I don't feel like blogging, then I don't lol.
3) Umm this is my last semester of undergrad... it's exam week. #Shrug.
4) My name is GiGi... and I am a #TwitterJunkie. I mean, who wants to sit and type paragraphs of stuff when some random rich ass white person guy gave us a place to spill our guts all day everyday, in 140 characters or less?? #ImJustSayin... 
5) Some of these topics are like repeats, because I feel like my letters are to the same people lol... Y'all know I don't like anybody hahaha!

Day 26--Letter to the Last Person I Made a Pinky Promise To.♥

Ummm.... I don't make Pinky Promises... lol. #Ghey. 

Day 25--Letter to the Person Going Through the Worst of Times.♥

Dear Brother/Sister,
It's only temporary. 
I say this to loved ones whenever they're going through something, and it's not something that was force-fed to me in church or anything like that. I truly believe it. The trials and tribulations we endure, no matter how major or minor, are only temporary. That's the reason we go "through" things...so that we can come out on the other side, hopefully in a better place than we were in before. I know it's not easy to be positive sometimes, especially when nothing seems to be going right...but hopefully you don't quit. So, to you...whoever, wherever you are, whatever situation you're in the midst of... keep keepin' on. Life is much more than the sum of negative events. 
Sincerely Yours,
The Current {not Eternal} Optimist.♥

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh...
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.
--Author Unknown.♥

Day 24--Letter to the Person Who Gave Me My Favorite Memory.♥

Dear Admissions Office,
Good lookin' on that 4-year full ride. I remember the first day I got your letter in the mail. I was wearing a pink shirt and shorts, and my hair was relaxed, with a burgundy-red rinse. I had these glasses, and the color of my hair kinda complemented them. Anyway, that day my mom was sooooo happy and proud. That made me happy and proud. Even though I can't stand your long lines and ridiculously rude employees, without you I'd probably be broke back in Cleveland somewhere with all the others who weren't as awesome as me in high school, and didn't earn a scholarship. hehehe.
It's Been Real.
Deuces in December.♥

Day 23--Letter to the Person I Last Kissed.♥

Note: I know some may say it's cheating to use song lyrics as my letter...but f**k that, this is my blog! I promise, this is eXACTLY how I'm feeling right now...
To My Chocolate,
It's not so easy 
Lovin' me....
It gets so ComPlicated....
All the things you've gotta be.
Everything's changing....
But you're the truth.
I'm amazed by all your PaTienCe...
Everything I put you through.
And when I'm about to fall 
Somehow you're always waiting with your open arms to catch me.
You're gonna Save Me from Myself....
My love is tainted...
By your touch. 
'cause some guys have shown me aces,
But you've got that RoyaL fLusH.
I know it's crazy....
Well tomorrow may be shaky...
But you never turn away...
Don't ask me why I'm crying,
'cause when I start to crumble...
You know how to keep me smilin'...
You always Save Me from Myself.

Your Peanut Butter.
(via Christina Aguilera: "Save Me from Myself": Back to Basics)♥

Day 22--Letter to Someone I Want to Give a Second Chance.♥

Dear Old Friend,
I'd love to talk to you again. 
I'd love to get back to that place...
When we could call one another anytime.
When it was all love.
When you understood, even when no one else did.
I'd love to say that things were cool,
That we were BFFs.
That I loved you like a sister.
That anyone who had a problem with you, had a problem with me.
That I'd snatch a bitch for you.
I wish we were able to break down the wall of animosity that had been constructed.
Just talk.
Like old times.
There's only one problem:
We tried that.
Then you and your psychological construction crew built the wall back up...
And this time,
I'm not volunteering to be on the demolition crew that breaks it down.
Good Riddance.♥

Day 21--Letter to Someone I Judged By Their First Impression.♥

Dear Disappointment,
When I first saw you, that little voice in the back of my mind told me that you were no good...at least not for me. I should have listened. 
Behind the cuteness, what did you have to offer? Why were you in that place, at that time? Didn't you have anywhere else to be? 
All these questions gave me the impression that you wouldn't be around for too long...and that your presence wouldn't be essential to my life. Again, I should've listened. Still, I chose to let you into my space. Into my face. Into my place...#ALessonLearned.
You're not a bad person...you didn't hurt me too badly...nothing like that. You were just...disappointing. Had I gone by my interpretation of you in the first place, I could have saved myself the time and energy. Because you definitely proved me right. But it's cool. 
If nothing else, you taught me one thing: Always listen to that "little voice"....it's usually not at "little" as we try to make it seem...and it's usually right. 
Yours Truly,
The One Who Got Away (Thank God) ♥

Day 20--Letter to the One that Broke My Heart the Hardest.♥

To He Whose Name We Don't Speak
Hmm....I used to think that you'd always be the person who'd broken my heart, but now that I write this letter, I realize that you didn't break my heart. You crushed my ego, maybe...but my heart? I'm not really sure it was ever in your possession for you to break. See, for me...high school was this cozy little box full of routine. Even in the middle of the hoodest of 'hoods, high school felt like this little box of protection. To put it plain and simple, you were all I knew. I mean, I loved you. I won't deny that. But I don't think I was in love with you. Maybe after 2 years, I thought I was supposed to be in love with you...I mean, it was high school. Two years was like damn-near married lol. But what I have now....what I've had these last 4 years...feels completely different. Completely better. Completely real. So it makes me question everything I thought I had with you all those years ago.... either way, I felt some kinda way when you left...but there are no hard feelings. You taught me a lot...about how I should/shouldn't be treated. About what I should/shouldn't accept. I can appreciate that. The heartbreak I felt back then is completely covered up now (notice I said covered, not healed)...because I haven't seen spoken to you in years. If I was face-to-face with you right now, I don't have any idea what I'd say or how I'd feel. I do know this much: What we had was good at the time. We shared a time and space that no one else can appreciate as we do. When you left, things were hard for me. I felt rejected, stupid, duped, discarded, played, and a plethora of other things that took awhile to move past. But now, I'm a different me. An older me. A wiser me. A 'me' that survived heartbreak at the hands of a 'you'... and I'm grateful.

Natural Hair isn't for Everyone. ♥

So this morning, as soon as I wake UP, I'm seeing foolishness....
I check my Twitter (you know, just like all the other twitter junkies do upon opening their eyes in the morning) and I see retweets from a woman (WITH natural hair) that originated from some guy. The tweets said something to the effect of "#NaturalHair ain't for everybody...some people don't need to try it".....*blank stare*
Now, my first reaction was WTF...so I went back and read the tweets again. Now, I'm irritated. This isn't the first time I've seen this on Twitter, or heard people say it, or whatever...but for whatever reason, it grinded my gears today.
Who the fuck are you to say that natural hair isn't ok? I mean, it's natural. It's what we're born with. It was fully intended to grow out of our scalps. Before all the chemicals and BS that people decided to put in their hair in a half-assed attempt to attain some warped sense of perfection...we were all natural. You were natural. Your mama was natural. Her mama was, too! So why is it that when we see a woman with natural hair, people feel the need to criticize? 
Now, I know someone will say this...so I'll let you know that I've already considered the following things:
1) Everyone doesn't picture the same thing when "Natural" hair is mentioned. 
There are many things that might come to mind...some naturals sport a fade, or rock a TWA (teeny-weeny afro). Some wear twists, dreads, or braids. Some wear their hair loose and curly. Then there are those with the dope ass, huge ass, obnoxious ass 'fro. Lol I'm a tad bit biased. But anyway, you catch my drift. I understand that there are people who have preferences, and that these styles may not be included in those preferences.
2) Some naturals are kinda sensitive. 
I'll admit, these comments touched a nerve, but not only because I'm a natural. It's because I'm a woman...who, over the last 22 years, has spent countless hours in front of a mirror trying to make everything as aesthetically pleasing as possible, only to go outside and still feel like I'm being judged and criticized (I mean, I could usually care less about the shit, but you still feel it happening). It's because I'm a Black woman...who's gone through more than half her life getting creamy white shit slapped on her scalp and roots, just to "tame" hair that just wants to run free. If I made a pile of all the hair I've swept/vacuumed up from the floor in my lifetime, due to breakage and whatnot, Do you know how freakishly huge that shit would be??? Let's not even talk about it...and all to achieve straightness. 
My opinion is this: 
This society has conditioned us to feel self-conscious and apprehensive about our natural appearances. We all see varying things when we look at one another. When I see a female walking around with fake hair, fake skin (aka cake-faced makeup), fake eyes, fake lips, fake boobs, fake nails, booty pops, and all this other foolish ass stuff that's made to "enhance one's appearance", I think it's sad. I feel bad for her...and I wonder 1) what she looks like at night when/if she goes home and takes all that shit off, and 2) what has happened to her to make all these enhancements seem necessary in the first place? What side comments has she heard about her nappy hair, or her not-so-perfect skin, or her flat ass, that drove her to feel the need for these things? But when another person sees this same thing, they may very well be thinking "Damn, I'm gonna marry this chick"...so hey. To each his own.
I just think we're so used to seeing fake shit, that reality scares us. And that's a sad phenomenon. As far as hair goes, "going natural" is the exception to the norm! To some people, it makes you "outside the box". Different. Refreshing, to some. Crazy to others. When did this happen?? We see a woman with a long, gorgeous head of hair, and we think (or some ign'ant ones will actually ASK) what she's mixed with, or where she bought her hair.... We don't realize that the so-called perfection we're trying to achieve is just conformity. Pure conformity. "Natural hair wouldn't look good on me".... How do you know? You haven't seen it since you were 5! "Natural hair is too hard to manage".....I wash and style my hair twice a week, if that. I get up, rub some moisturizer and oil on this baby, pick it out, stick a flower or headband on it, and roll out. There's no hours of flat-ironing, no $90 trips to the shop every two weeks. No ducking and dodging raindrops. 
I'm also not one of those annoying hair advocates who tries to force everyone one I see to join me on this going natural journey...I don't think people with relaxers are stupid (unless its one of those people who constantly complain about damaged hair, yet still are up in the Walgreens line buying that lil box every 6-8 weeks)... I don't believe in good hair vs. bad hair... I believe that regardless of what you have growing out of/glued into/sewn into your hair, you owe it to yourself and your hair to keep it healthy and well-managed. Being natural takes patience, effort, and TLC...so ol' boy was right. Maybe #NaturalHair isn't for everyone. 

Day 19--Letter to Someone Who Pesters My Mind (in a good way).♥

Dear GiGi,
You stay on my mind alllllllll the time! I just love you! More than anyone on this planet... When the sun rises, I'm thinking of you. When it sets, I'm thinking of you...You've come so far, and all I wanna do is see to it that you have all the successes and accomplishments that life has to offer. Sometimes I think it's narcissistic the way I think about you so much... but if I don't love you, who else will? If I don't love you, how will you know how to properly give and receive love from anyone else? Of course there are some things I'd change about you, as we're all works in progress...but for the most part, you're a fabulous inspiration. I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve and expand so that you'll be able to live life the way it was made for you to live! At this point in life, you've learned to weed out all the unworthy and unnecessary, tolerate the ones you have to, and love and cherish all the ones you want. Above all, to you I am true. Even when you're a trainwreck in the morning, or a bitch in the afternoon. I love it all! 
Forever Yours,

Day 18--Letter to the Person I Wish I Could Be.♥

Dear Self,
Everything you're not has made you everything you are. I'm thankful for that.... you're completely attainable, and my evolution towards you has been a Beautiful Struggle thus far...but it will be worth it. Each year that passes gives me a less blurry vision of you...I think we call that growing up lol. I can see what I want out of life, and each decision made, good or bad, helps me see that all the joys and pains of today are preparing me for the day when you and I become one. You're not perfect...you never will be. But you're old enough to know that such is life, and that you deserve the best. And that the best is worth working for. Success, happiness, beauty (internal and external), faith, love, and friendship have all worked together so far, building me up so that in time, you and I will be identical. You're not only the person I wish I could be, you're the person I will become!
Until Then,

Day 17--Letter to Someone from My Childhood.♥

Dear Tay,
I miss you! I was just telling someone the other day about how you and I were thick as thieves when we were growing up on 131st lol! You were like the big brother I never had! As soon as I saw this topic, I immediately knew I was gonna write it to/about you, because all my childhood memories pretty much include you and our family (especially the funny ones lol). Remember when we got in trouble for taking that money, splitting it, and trying to spend it all at the corner store? Lol.... Remember when we used to sit at Grampie's bar, or in Grandma's room in the big chair and watch cartoons, eating cereal? Remember lazy summer days, riding our bikes up and down the street, and sometimes sneaking and riding around the block on Ferris, even though we weren't supposed to? Remember you teaching me how to ride without training wheels??? Lol. Random stuff, but it's always ingrained in my memory because life was so simple and easy and free (literally and figuratively lol) back then! You guys' house was like my second home lol! I was so sad when you moved! Even though it's more recent, I also remember the talk you and I had right after my mom's funeral. You'll never know how much I needed that....but then again, you're the only one who actually did know. I've missed Aunt Gina so much since she's been gone...and although I wish she and my mom could still be here with us today, I was grateful to have you to talk to. Sympathy is appreciated, but you actually knew/know the pain I feel inside! You were always my favorite cousin, and even though we're all grown now and life's taken charge of the daily routines and responsibilities we all have, I know that if I needed you and I made that phone call, you'd be there! Love you, and Diana, and my FatMan for life! 
Love Always, 
Your Favorite Cousin Ever in the History of Life lol x0x0 

Catch-Up for the Weekend.♥

OK, now that I've come out of my lazy slump and caught up on my Blog Challenge lol... I can recap. 
Side note: Whether or not I blog, I'm constantly tweeting lol, so if you're ever missing me too much, that's where to find me hahaha! Anyways...
First and foremost, I have been sick. All week. Like WTF, who gets sick the first week of school...SMH. Clearly I don't have time for this foolishness!
Speaking of school...in case y'all are unaware (smh, I wanted to type "y'all ain't know", but I went back and changed it because of this compulsion thing I have for grammar lol), last week kicked off my final semester of undergrad... I feel like I've mentioned that already in a recent post, but oh well. 1) this is my ish, and 2) that's noteworthy. It's kind of a big deal... Nothing but the grace of God and all his homeboys pushed me through these last four years. 
Speaking of the grace of God... have you guys seen Takers yet? If not...you really should jump off a cliff invest in making that trip to the local theater.... this one is definitely worth it. Give your bootleg-DVD-man-at-the-gas-station-down-the-street a night off. The movie actually had a pretty nice plot... and this is coming from someone who knew absolutely nothing about the plot until seeing the movie...I've seen the promo commercials on TV, of course, but that minute is usually spent drooling over Idris Elba and all his chocolaty fineassness...soooo yeah. Go see that. Great cast with the exception of Chris Brown's whack, lisping, halfway audible, super overbite having ass. 

Day 16--Letter to Someone Who's Not in My State.♥

Hey babe...
I miss you. I think I'm going to call you soon, since I'm getting droopy-eyed. Time for pillow-talk lol. I wish you were closer, but we've gotta make do right now...it'll all be worth it in the end! I won't get too mushy, but I love you to pieces... Always have, and I always will...There's no one in the world that I'd rather have spent these past four years with...through the good times and the not-so-good. My place is with you. Keep making my day with your smile, and making my nights with your voice... 
...Continue to love me. Never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved....
Ever Thine,
Ever Mine,

Day 15--Letter to the Person I Miss the Most. ♥

This should be ridiculously obvious at this point, so I'll keep it short and sweet... 

Mommy, I miss you. But it's ok. We'll reunite one day! Until then, please know that you raised an amazingly intelligent, perceptive, nurturing, strong-willed, fabulous, classy daughter... and your son isn't so bad either lol! Thanks for preparing me for this big, bad world out here. I'm forever indebted and grateful. You're the Queen of My Heart...and your love is like tears from the stars.
Love Always,
Your First Born♥

Day 14--Letter to Someone I've Drifted Away From. ♥

*Drifting on a memoryyyy.....ain't no place I'd rather be, than with youuuuuu....*
Haha, but not really though.

Dear Creepo,
We've drifted apart... and with good reason. You're slightly on the stalker-ish side. And it's not cute... So I purposely severed ties from you...well, not severed them (believe me, you could be totally and completely cut off if you push me..) but I've learned to ignore your continuous (and usually pointless) calls, texts, IMs, emails, FB messages, tweets, etc. Actually, the fact that you've attempted to contact me via ALL these methods...is further proof that you're borderline obsessed with me... so *Kanye shrug* ya had to go! For future reference... you come on a tad bit strong. Especially when the person you're coming on to wants nothing to do with you, aside from the occasional small-talk-filled obligatory birthday and holiday text. 

Heavy Rotation ♥

I'm pretty sure I eat, sleep, and breathe music... mostly Raheem Devaughn lol...
But anywho, there are certain songs that I can't go a day without listening to, so I thought I'd share some with you guys from time to time! All week, I've re-discovered my auditory love affair with the song Mr. Incredible, Ms. Unforgettable by Leela James (featuring Raheem Devaughn).... yes, the combination is as amazing as you think. I adore them both, so clearly this song is like an eargasm for me. The first verse (lyrics below) is too sweet for words... Here's a YT link if you've never heard the song! (it's not an actual music video, but you can hear the song). Enjoy.♥

(Raheem) If I could write a letter to your heart,
I'd start by saying that we'll never part, 
And please...say that you'll be mine
Until the end of time.
(Leela) If I were a lock, I'd let you be the key
To unlock all of this love in me,
To unlock all of this ecstasy,
And if you think that I'm worried...
Let your mind be rest assured.

Day 12--Letter to the Person I Hate the Most. ♥

Dear Mr. Lynch,
Nearly 300 years ago, before the people who gave birth to the people who gave birth to the people who gave birth to me were even thought of, you hurt me to my core. An everlasting hurt that has stood the test of time... it's ingrained in the foundation of a people who could be so much more, if only someone would snap their fingers and bring us out of our hypnosis. All those years ago, you felt it was your God-given right to encourage the use of "fear, distrust, and envy" to control the minds of MY people. My ancestors. MY family. For so many years, and even until this very day... this very second, there are remnants of your disgusting methods flowing through the blood of MY brothers and sisters... There are children who've been raised and conditioned to hate the shade of their skin, the texture of their hair, the beautiful features they've inherited... all because you and your brethren wanted Control. Nearly 300 years later... you've still got some of our minds under your control, even after you've gone on to rot in the pits down under, where you rightfully belong. You got your wish, Mastah Willie Lynch. Even to this day, there are those of us who "love, trust, and respect ONLY you"... The beauty of the bond that was forced onto those vessels from the motherland, beaten to a pulp so that you could have Control. So yes, there's no one I hate more than you... because your philosophy inspired an entire people to hate themselves. I hate you every time I see a child with chemically-altered hair, all because she "hates when it's nappy". I hate you every time I hear someone referred to as "cute for a dark-skinned boy/girl". I hate you every time I see another news story about my people killing one another... killing themselves. Hopefully my people will realize their greatness, and someone will snap their fingers.
A Mad Black Woman. ♥

Day 11--Letter to a Deceased Person I Wish I Could Talk To. ♥

Dearly Deceased,
You've affected the lives of so many.... 
Your tender smiles.
Your gentle mannerisms.
That voice...
You were a genius in my eyes...
I'm reminded of you every day...
In my home,
In my car....
You'll live on in the hearts of those who love you...
But all I wanna know...
The one thing I really wish I had the opportunity to ask you...
What really happened at Neverland Ranch...??? ♥

Day 10--Letter to Someone I Don't Talk to As Much As I'd Like. ♥

"So I pray that You hold my hand, as I follow Your footprints in the sand... "--Beanie Siegel. {Prayer}.
Dear Father,
I've always been a part of church...for as long as I can remember. Until I came to college... I have a fairly small church family, but I'm so comfortable and at-home around them, that it feels weird to think about going to a church here in the town where I attend school. I know, I probably shouldn't feel this way, right? I mean, we're all Your children...but still. I know that You're always with me, through the good and the bad...I just find myself falling into that pattern of only talking to You when the bad comes along. My wish is that I'll find balance in life, the strength to talk to You whenever...whether it's thanking You for the blessings You always provide {whether I behave deservingly or not} or seeking Your guidance when the road gets rough {which it sometimes does}. I want to further our relationship, because whether I'm physically in a church or not, I've always known, accepted, appreciated, and acknowledged the role You've played in my life. I'm eternally grateful, because I can honestly say that when I felt like NO ONE on this planet Earth was on my side, You were there. In the darkest hours of my life, I've felt Your presence, and it never wavered...no man/woman can compete with that. With all that I've been through in the last 22 years, having someone constant and dependable has gotten me through days when I didn't think I'd see the next one. It's one thing to sit in a building and listen to scriptures and songs for a few hours once a week. Don't get me wrong, I feel the most serene and safe when I'm in Your house. But I believe that when we're outside those walls, that's when we're tested on our belief...our faith in You. Our relationship isn't for show. It's not forced...It's something that's ingrained in my soul and heart, and always has been. I'm not anywhere close to Perfection...and You cherish me regardless. What more could one ask for? Though my location has changed, Your presence hasn't. Just as You promised. So this letter is to You. It's the least I can do. 
In Your Name,
Amen. ♥

Day 9--Letter to Someone I Wish I Could Meet. ♥

Disclaimer: If you've ever read my blog, you should already KNOW who this letter is gonna be addressed to! Lol! 
To the Musical Love of My Life,
Once again, every word in this letter's gonna be about You...I love you!! Of course I've already written one letter to you in this blog challenge, and I don't know if it's against the "rules" to write to the same person twice or more, but oh well... There's no one else alive that I'd rather meet! Yes, I know there's Barack Obama and such, but I'll keep it real... I'd still rather meet you! I'd be Lying to Myself if I said anything different! Lol. I wish people could understand how much I adore you! Not even on an attraction level (don't get me wrong, you're mad cute!!) but just musically... No one has my attention the way you do! I could tell you how I feel about you Night and Day! They don't feel me, though! Lol.
I was so sad that I couldn't go to your concert earlier this month, but one day... one day! Until then, I'll stick to the musical orgasm I have every day of my life (no, literally) when I hear your voice in my headphones, on my laptop, or in my car. Words can't express how amazing I think you are, in the least groupie-ish way possible! Lol. If I met you and you sang to me, I'd probably faint and fall on my ass like Ashley in that one episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Tevin Campbell came to her party lmao! That would seriously be thee best thing ever, though! Anywho, I'm so happy you're getting all the success you deserve, and I hope it continues! I'll profess my love for you 'til the end of my days! Yes, it's really that serious! Lmao!
Love Always, 
Your Number One (again) ♥
PS: For your listening enjoyment... I can't let an hour go by without listening to this song! If you aren't hip, you better get hip with thee quickness!

Day 8--Letter to My Favorite Internet Friend ♥

Dear CY,
I feel so bad, the day is almost over and I'm just now doing this post! (it was a long day lol)...but luckily I didn't even have to contemplate, because of course this letter goes to you! Not just because you wrote your letter to me, either! I just love what you're all about... your posts have always been either funny, sweet, inspirational, or some amazing combination of the above! Plus you have great taste in music...and anyone who appreciates real music is alright with me! (PS, can I just say how jealous I am that everyone I LOVE in music right now--Raheem DeVaughn and Wale, for those who STILL aren't aware-- are both from your neck of the woods??? Lol) I love watching your natural hair journey (BTW, thanks for the YT recommendations!), and reading your hilarious tweets! Even though we've never met a day in life, I can tell that you're just a genuinely cool person, with a great head on her shoulders...one who would be welcome into my circle of friends any day! I'll give a shout out to both your pages, on Blogger and on Tumblr. Anyone who's reading this, check her out. She's this, that, and all of the above...wrapped in a cute, stylish lil' package! 
Love Always,

Day 7--Letter to My Ex ♥

Dear Ex,
Whew... where do I start lol? No, but really I don't have too many negative things to say. Obviously things didn't work out between us as a couple, but we were both in two different places back then. We talked about this recently, I believe, and it was long overdue... Back then, I would have liked to have really gotten to know you, but I think we never really put as much time and energy into us as we could have. No regrets, though. Everything happens for a reason. I think I've told you this before, but I wish you and I had actually met and became friends first, instead of jumping into the relationship. I'm positive that we probably wouldn't have ended up together if we'd been friends first lol, but I'm not saying that as an insult. I just think that we would have been great friends all along, instead of briefly dating, breaking up, falling out of touch, randomly reuniting, and then discovering how great of friends we could be. I know there are people who can't appreciate the fact that you and I remained friends, but I do value your friendship (Even sometimes you make me wanna pull my hair out!!!) lol. 
I have nothing but love for you and I wish you the best. That kinda sounds like a farewell statement, lol, but I really do. I hope one day you find the woman you're looking for, but I wish you'd STOP thinking you'll find her at clubs and bars!! We've seen how that always works out! Lol. One day love will find you, and you'll make some woman a great hubby. Some brown-skinned thick chick who loves Jay-Z (lol) and I'm sure you'll mean the world to her. Other than that, I hope you'll continue to do you, and let everything else fall into place. Keep the BS at arms length, and keep working to make your mark on the world, and raise your little one to do the same! You deserve the best, so don't settle for anything less. These chicks are gonna have you going gray in like 5 years if you keep stressing over them!
Love Always,
KB ♥

Day 6--Letter to a Stranger.♥

Dear Random Chick at the Mall,
You make me want to vomit... I understand that times are hard, and that you may not be able to afford things such as soap, body wash, feminine wash, body spray, deodorant, etc... but could you do us all a favor and keep your broke self at home? We do not wish to wallow in the scent of...whatever you call that odor reeking from your pores. It's not cute. It's not fly. It's not fresh {literally}...It's all bad. If you can enter my store at 2pm, leave at 2:15pm, and still have your B.O. lingering at 6pm, it's a problem. One would think that you'd have stopped by the many locations {ie, RiteAid, dollar stores, Walgreens, Kroger, etc} you inevitably have to pass traveling to the mall, in order to purchase the goods necessary to make yourself smell more like freshness and less like decomposition...but alas, the mall seemed to be more important. FYI, there's an aisle dedicated to you and your stench in basically every store everywhere. Hopefully you'll one day be inclined to pay said aisles a visit.
Thank You,
The Girl whose Nose and Stomach were Assaulted By Your Odor Last Week.♥


You've hurt so long...Reward comes to those who've cried.
Real. Love. Purified
--SWV "Use Your Heart" ♥

Day 5--Letter to My Dreams.♥

Dear Dreams,
I love you. I cherish you. I live for you... 
Please keep motivating me to succeed...sometimes I need your extra push to keep me grounded, and to let me know that there's so much more to life. Because of you, I know that I'm destined to do and experience great things in this lifetime. As I've grown, and gained knowledge, my actions and emotions have been tailored to fit you. All the BS that life has thrown at me...all the grinding...it's not in vain. One day, you will be in the palm of my hand; with every step, you seem a bit closer. As if I could just reach out and touch you. If I ever lose sight of you, I take a step back and look at the big picture of what I want life to be for me. It's an unfinished masterpiece, one that you provide the tools for me to complete...So please don't stop... Don't stop inspiring me. Don't stop motivating me. Don't stop showing me that you're very real, and very attainable. Promise...and in return, I promise to work hard, so that one day we can drift off into the sunset together!
Love Always,
The Dreamer♥

Day 4--Letter to My Sibling.♥

Dear Kiddo,
Sometimes you make me wanna get a ladder, climb up, and wring your little teenage neck!!
But you're my only sibling, and I love ya lol. It's so weird watching you grow up into a teenager, because I remember when you were so small...this tiny little wiggly thing that came into the picture and took all the focus off me! Lol. Our family isn't mushy...like ever...so I'll just say that whatever happens, I'm your sister (the original one, them other ones don't count! lol) and I'll always be...with your spoiled self. I guess that's why it's hard to say no to you, even when I know you've been acting up. We're all we got...Sometimes you get on my last nerve(!!!), but I'll knock a ***** out if they mess with you! It's just that simple...I want the whole world for you, and I know Mommy passing away was/is difficult for you, especially at this point in life...you and her were so close. But I hope that you realize your success in this lifetime is something you can still share with her...we're her only two children. Our success is her success, too. Overcome the things that you think are holding you back...prove the people wrong, who've said that you wouldn't amount to anything...It sounds cliche, but I really feel like you're destined to do something big in this world, so I hope the motivation and ambition are there for you...
Sonjit (insider lol) ♥
PS: No more tattoos!!!

Day 3--Letter to My Parents.(cont)♥

Dear Daddy,
You are a CHARACTER! Lol... I thank God for you all the time, because I see all around me the consequences of fathers not being in their children's lives. It's so obvious, in a lot of people, that they needed that male guidance as they grew up. I have so much respect for you stepping up and making my brother always feel as though you were his Daddy, and treating him no differently than you treat me. He's a mess, but he's a great kid, and unfortunately his own "father" won't know this because he's too sorry to--wait this letter is strictly for my own Daddy--...This makes me even more thankful for you. Of course our family was nowhere near perfect, but you always made me feel loved and cherished, as your princess, and your only {biological} child. So even in your absences, I felt your presence ALWAYS. For that, I'm eternally grateful...Because of you, I know my worth. I know what to demand from life, what to expect, and what not to accept. I know that I can call you, anytime, no matter what the reason. I know that if someone mistreats me, they have both my daddies (you and Him) to deal with! Even though things could never get perfectly right between you and Mommy, it didn't make me love either of you any less. Romantically, things didn't work out but I for one am thankful for the love you two had for each other, that I could always feel. It's what created me, and gave you two a life-long bond to share. The fact that you weren't married, or even together for a long time didn't take away from that. Now that you're remarried, and left me up here in Ohio!! relocated to FL, I still feel the same...that lets me know that despite location, or added family, you're still my Daddy, and I'm still your Princess. I won't get into specifics, but I'm so proud of the progress you've made. Cleveland was no good for you...a change in scenery, in location, in the company you keep...goes a long way. I pray that everything remains fulfilling for you in Tallahassee, and that you're happy, because I've never been more proud of you, as a man, than I am right now. You're taking care of business, staying out of trouble, and you're safe. That's everything I could hope for! Keep making me proud, and I'll keep doing the same!
Love Always,
Your Princess.♥

Day 3--Letter to My Parents.♥

It's funny that the Letter to my Parents fell on today (August 16th). Before I start, I'd like to wish my late mother a Happy 44th Birthday. This post is going to be dedicated solely to her, and I'll write a continuation for my Daddy.♥

Dear Mommy,
I miss you so much more than I'll ever be able to find words to express...If I could just see your face, or hear your voice one more time, I'd be set. At least then I'd know to cherish the view/sound as though it were my last. Because I didn't know, two years ago, that it would be. 
There are so many things that I wish I could share with you, and tell you in this letter, and feel with you. It's your birthday, which is usually already rough enough for me, so I don't think I can handle getting too deep into the letter today. But who knows, writing has always been therapeutic for me. So we'll just see where the letter goes...I'm happy for you, because watching you live in pain took more out of me than I realized. So now, if everything I was raised to believe is true, you're in Heaven, looking and feeling like a million bucks...no more chemo, no more radiation...just enjoying your healthy Heavenly body. So I have to lean on faith, because if nothing else, I have to believe that when you left me, you went to this magical place in the sky, where God is taking care of you until we all meet again. I need faith in that, in order to get me through everyday life here on Earth. 
I miss your voice, and your smile, even your frown. I know there was a period where you and I just couldn't get along, and it took a lot of maturing (and psych classes) for me to understand why...I see so much of you in myself, it's kind of uncanny. So I realize that at the time, you saw yourself in me as well, and maybe the arguments and fussing were just a way for you to try and keep me from making mistakes you'd made at my age. And it's okay...I no longer hold onto all the negative things that happened between us. I've let them go. 
When you were sick, I was here in college, and I felt this animosity...this guilt... in the back of my mind for SO long, that I should have left school. I should have been there. You don't know what I would have given to see your face every morning, while it was still here for me to see...its bittersweet, though, because seeing you in constant medication-managed pain everyday could have taken an even worse toll on me, than not being there at all. So I guess God really does work in mysterious ways. You made me promise to stay in school, and I did...I did it all for you, to make you proud. I can feel you, too. It's weird, because I really can feel your presence. I used to think that was cliche for people to say after they'd lost someone. I've felt you with me every morning when I wake up, and every step of the way, and I know you'll be there with me on December 18th when Graduation Day finally marks the culmination of all OUR hard work over the past 22 years. You'll be with me on my wedding day, and with me when I become a mother...and hopefully you'll still guide my decisions and actions even from the heavenly couch you're up there relaxing on. So again, Happy Birthday, Mommy. I love you to the end of time and back...♥
Love Always,
Your Daughter

Day 2--Letter to My Crush.♥

Dear Crush,
Although our eyes have never met, your lips have spoken volumes to my soul.
YOU make me smile with my heart...
YOU help me weather the stormy days, when love feels like it's slipping through my fingers.
YOU get my day started, whenever I just want to roll over and block the world out.
I'm glad I can say,
That I've had my Love Experience...
You've changed my world, before I even knew what you looked like...
Now that I know, my world is even further modified.
And now...
Every word in this letter's gonna be about YOU.
It's more than a crush,
Maybe this letter shouldn't even be dedicated to YOU.
It won't do justice to the complex simplicity that is our bond.
And each day...
My love multiplies for you...
So guess who loves you more?
It might sound like I'm gassin' ya...
But YOU deserve it,
Because you've got me....
For YOU.
And even though you'll probably never know, 
This letter is my confession...
That I don't think life will ever be the same for me
Your Number One.


"I ain't like them others you done dealt with in your past....
Just have some faith,
That's all I ask...
Believe in Me."
--Raheem DeVaughn. 'Believe'. The Love Experience. ♥

Day 1--Letter to My Best Friend.♥

Am I allowed to write this to all 3 of my best friends, or do I have to choose one? F.ck it, this is my blog....I do what I want!!
Dear Lola,
Since 7th grade, we've been thick as thieves, and you're my original BFF. Til this day, we've never had an argument, big or small. We just...click. Even though I'm away at college, and we don't talk as much as we used to, or as much as we should, I'm glad that we have a real friendship that withstands the distance. I love your style, your spirit, and just everything you embody! You're always Kevona, no matter what the location or the situation...most people these days aren't that real. I love it, and I appreciate it, and I hope that we grow old and gray together as chic, strong, intelligent, beautiful Black best friends! 
Dear Twink,
My Taco!! I never dreamed when I met you during high school, that you'd have such a lasting impact on my life. I love the way you carry yourself, and encourage growth and motivation in those around you. I couldn't ask for a better friend...the type who keeps it real 24/7, all the while giving encouragement and love that only a best friend could. We've been through a lot, helped each other through a lot, and you, me, and Lola have a bond that will never be broken, as long as I have anything to do with it! I want nothing but the best for you, not only because you deserve it, but because I know and truly believe that you want the same for me! 
Dear Porkchop,
Hey bitch! Lol... Even though you're my newest bestie, I still love you like you've been here the whole time lol! We've done/seen/heard some CRAaaazzzzyyyy stuff in these few years we've known each other, and I wouldn't have it any other way lol. Through all the fakes, the phonies, the wannabes, and the has-beens, we've always had each other and that's more than enough for me! They say that if you can count your REAL friends on one hand, you're doing good. I've come to believe this, because it's really obvious in my life. I love the laughter, the cussing-b.tches-out, the tipsy adventures, the tattoos, the random Walmart trips, the venting sessions via text, FB, phone, or whatever's most convenient at the moment. and most of all...my Snookie!! Even though I'd never tell you verbally, because I'm too thuggish for that sh.t, I'm so grateful that you allowed me to be there to witness my Snookie F. Baby being brought into the world. I've never seen anything like it, and I love him! That'll always be a memory that's close to my heart! {OK, off that corny sh.t now lmao}
Love Always,

Update: 30 Day Challenge ♥

I found this list, the Tumblr 30-Day Letter Challenge...and this shall be the one I use for my blog. I'm gonna start off today, so my next post will be Day One. I just thought I'd post the list, in case anyone wants to use it for their own blog! It's inspired by my blog buddy Cristine Yvonne and it looks like she had a good time participating, soooo I'll keep you posted!

Tumblr 30 Day Letter Challenge.

  • Day 1 — Your Best Friend
  • Day 2 — Your Crush
  • Day 3 — Your parents
  • Day 4 — Your sibling (or closest relative)
  • Day 5 — Your dreams
  • Day 6 — A stranger
  • Day 7 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
  • Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend
  • Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet
  • Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
  • Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to
  • Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
  • Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you
  • Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from
  • Day 15 — The person you miss the most
  • Day 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country
  • Day 17 — Someone from your childhood
  • Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be
  • Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
  • Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest
  • Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression
  • Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to
  • Day 23 — The last person you kissed
  • Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory
  • Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times
  • Day 26 — The last person you made a pinky promise to
  • Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day
  • Day 28 — Someone that changed your life
  • Day 29 — The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
  • Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror


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